Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Excited for Christmas!

Hey everybody
I am so excited that it's almost Christmas. I have a stack of gifts that I want to open.
Man so on Tuesday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders or well at least with one of them.
I went with Elder Hawkley who is a Marine, so I bet you all know what we talked about. If you were thinking that we talked about the military than you are all wrong, we are on missions so we talked about the Gospel the whole time. (and also a little about the Marines)
I got to do two more baptismal interviews with a 10 and an 11 year old. It was very cool and fun I mean like serious but special... I will just leave it at that. Also I ate so much at the dinner appointment we had, the Dutch people always say "Alles moet op" which means everything has to go or be eaten. I have no problem with that since my motto is eat till there is nothing left.
Oh I also got the `Your from Australia`thing said to me which is weird cause I am actually starting to speak with an Australian accent.
On Wednesday we had a very good Zone Training which Sister Brubaker read us a Christmas story. It was so cool. I also got to see a lot of my buddies and we just had a blast.
On Thursday we had a very good day with Aswin and had a couple really good appointments.
On Friday we went on more exchanges and that was fun too. I was with Elder Leash and we got along great.
I love you all. Elder Ellis

Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Wow my buddy Cabel is coming home this week that means I only have like a little more than 10 months left. What?
Time is going by way to fast. I am loving my mission so much. I am learning so much. I love the Gospel and am so thankful for Jesus Christ. We taught a member lesson this week and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. It really made me feel the need of a saviour, Eben Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for him and will serve him all my life.
Monday we celebrated St Nikkolaas. First we ate with some members and then we went to some other members and and got presents from them and hung out a little it was sweet.
On Tuesday I prepared my District meeting in the morning before we left since I did not get what I needed to talk about till the day before in the e-mail. The meeting went really good and after we went on X-changes. I went back to Assen with Elder Hyer and Elder McDaniel went to Heerenveen with Elder Pelaquim. We had two of the best member present lessons ever. it was so sweet. Super positive. After we got out I told Elder Hyer,"Watch how I can get a dinner appointment" SO I then said out loud, "Elder Hyer what are we eating for dinner". The member then called his wife and asked if we wanted to eat with them and we were like "well.... I guess we can. It was a good day. My time is up . i ended up getting sick and I am still getting over it. I love you all and miss you, We also had a really good Christmas Dinner party. It was awesome.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 5 December 2011

December!!!!!! Its the most wonderful time of the year

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.
Jack frost nipping at your nose.
I am so excited for Christmas. I am listening to Motab Christmas edition all the time and its awesome. There is nothing better than Motab to a missionaries ears besides maybe Alex Boye' or Paul Cardell on the piano. I love the Christmas music and did not start listening to it till December 1st. I can feel that Christmas is in the air, even though thinking of Christmas makes me think of Family (and I do get trunky occasionally) I am very glad and happy to be here in Tha Netherlands on my Mission. The members here are spoiling us and giving us candy, chocolate, and what not left and right. Today is St Nikolaas which is a white bearded man with a red outfit like Santa on a white horse. We have two dinner appointments but the later is more like Hot Chocolate appointment which will be Sweeeettett. 
I am so stoked about what is going on in the Mission, there are miracles everywhere. We had a lady come to church who we met on the street. I think that that was the first time that someone came to church when we invited them without being an investigator. She is now investigating. It was such an awesome Sunday. Testimony meeting was so powerful and spiritual.  I love the members and get to stay here in Assen for the most wonderful time of the year.
This last Tuesday we had a zone p-day and me and Elder Sanchez (the other District Leader) taught District meeting together to both Districts and we then ate Lunch and had our Turkey Bowl. It was so much fun to play American Football, Soccer , and ultimate Frisbee. It was a blast. When we played American Football we got weird looks from people because its not that common in Europe.
I also bought an Arabic Soda at a middle eastern store. Yeah and Fudge Bars, the dates reminded me of all the stories I have of messing with palm trees and working with them and what not. All those times I had to work on the needle pricking trees. Now I look back and miss those times. I remember one time the drippers for one of the trees was broken so it just sprayed out into the ground and after some time created a deep hole which Brandon with his skinny body back then in those days climbed inside and was almost completely under the ground, funny what parents don't know. Anyways I have to go.
I love you all. and miss you
Love Elder Ellis
Merry Christmas even though I will write again next week and the week after that before Christmas so .

Monday, 28 November 2011

Time is Flying By

Its been another great week and I can't believe that I am on my 9th transfer out of 16. Its crazy how fast time goes by.
This past week we have been working really hard just to reach our goals that we set. On Tuesday we had a good District Meeting and am finally feeling like that I'm getting the hang of being a District leader. I mean its been going good ever since I started. After the Meeting the wonderful Van Komens made us a Thanksgiving Dinner for Lunch. It was so delicious. Their son and daughter in law are visiting who have the cutest little girl ever. It was so much fun to sit in the same District that I have been in my entire mission except that I am the only one. The rest have all moved in recently and are new to the District. Soon I will have been in the same District for a year. Aswin came to the Thanksgiving Lunch and then worked with us the rest of the day. Now that is commitment. He is so awesome.
It has been extremely foggy lately except today it is sunny and nice outside. But when it is foggy you can barely see anything. You will be biking and out of no where someone is coming at you on a bike or a car. We are very cautious. (For those who worry)
Wednesday we just had so much success. It seemed so many people were open. Number wise we did really good but whats important is that people are coming unto Christ. At night on our way home we did not know what else to do so we prayed for guidance. So a little later as we bike home I felt that we need to look someone up. It is an older couple who are so nice and have treated the missionaries with so much love and care for years. When we got there we noticed a red light blinking at their neighbours house. The old man walked with us around the house to see if anything happened but it was fine so we turned off the alarm. We still don't know why we had to look them up but we spent the rest of the evening with them drinking hot chocolate.
On Thursday was another amazing day with just talking to one after another. Teaching lessons right and left. We made a lot of appointments.
On Friday we had such a busy day. We had 7 appointment of which 4 did not go through. We still had a good day though.
On Saturday morning we went to this part of Assen where there was supposed to be some kind of seminar about spirituality. We could not find it so we just knocked some doors. We started talking to a man who after 15 minutes let us in. We had a very good time with him and his wife and talked about very cool and Spiritual things. So we did get to go to a seminar except for we were the teachers. No but seriously we all had our part.
Sunday was also a very good day. After church we had a Lunch with the members which is always super fun. I am getting to used to Assen I mean I feel like I am at home. I am also getting really attached to the people here. I love Assen. We then went to eat at a members house with a couple other members coming along. It was fun and I was so full for the rest of the day.
I want to say one more thing, there are people who are incredibly rude where I really, now I mean really have to hold my self back from saying something back to them, something Christ would probably not say. Some people really do not have manners. They only cause themselves more stress and anger. So that's it.
I love you all and I hope that all is going well.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 21 November 2011

Hello, Hallo

It is now Monday and I received no call last night and this morning my Zone Leaders called me to tell me that there will be no changes in our District except that we are getting an extra Elder up in Groningen in a 3 some. I am still the District Leader and staying in Assen with Elder McDaniel. I am moving to my 5th transfer in Assen, that's a very long time. Well I am excited to stay since I actually felt that there was something else that I needed to do here. I just don't know what yet. We'll see.
To answer peoples question, Yes the Baptism went through. Saturday was such an awesome day. Yeah!!!
It was very spiritual, well the second half of the day. There were 3 baptisms in Groningen and we went to all three. Yeah!!! Baptisms!!!!
The first one was really cool and there were a lot of people and like half of them were non members. I talked to a lot of them. Talking to People.... Yeah! The second baptism was very special because it was an older lady who received all the lessons in a care home and came for the baptism to church. I was a able to be a witness. Then finally the last one of the night was Bernadette.
It was so cool to see someone I found or refound, retaught everything and watched her get baptized. Aswin baptised her and Elder McDaniel and I were the witnesses. I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and I cried a couple times especially since the talk was directed at Bernadette and everytime I looked at her I saw her crying. I felt the spirit so strong that night. I know that the church is true and that it has been restored through a prophet of God. I know that Jesus lives and that he is leading his church today.
The next day at church she was confirmed and I felt so much joy and was so happy that I can not describe it in words. Also one of the investigators we have came to both the baptism and church. She now also wants to be baptized. The Spirit of God like a fire is burning.
The whole week was good. We also had Zone Training which went very well. Aswin came too and he really liked it. The Loorbach family is so cool and really support Missionary work. They are a blessing. I am excited to stay longer in Assen but its also gonna be harder to leave. Well my time is up. I hope that all is going well for you.
I love you all.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 14 November 2011

What is Time?

I have had another week go by on my mission. Time is past and today is a new Monday. Tomorrow will be Tuesday. I have the opportunity to wake up every new day and recommit to my Mission and my life as a worthy Priesthood holder of God. I try my best everyday but yet I find myself sometimes not doing my best. I realize it and than do my best. I may have learned a lot the last year or even my life but I can have a day that goes against all what I have learned just as fast as I can snap my fingers. I have had days on my mission that I am not very proud of (I did not do anything that would get me sent home), like sleeping in, being lazy and not caring about the time or stuff like that. These choices really affect the missionary work. However I find myself starting over and over again doing my best. In Alma it says that this life is the time to prepare to meet god. We do have to endure to the end, but that is very hard to do. I have found on my mission that there are three essential things for a ongoing conversion. We as missionaries call it THE BIG 3. Pray Always, Scripture Study and Church Attendance (Keeping the Sabbath day holy). Everyday that I wake up and the first thing I do is kneel and pray, have a really good personal Scripture study, things seem to run smoothly throughout the day. I can feel the guiding Gift of the Holy Ghost. When I attend church on Sundays I feel uplifted and serve others and feel Gods love. These are the things that help me be a good missionary. There are many other things that we work on to improve our lives but these three things are what keep the fire of our Testimony alive. I love my Mission. I may be in an Area which by some people is considered a bad area or a hard place to serve, but when I think about it, it really does not matter where I serve my God. He is with me and that's all that matters. I have felt the Atonement in my life and have seen it take effect in the lives of others.
So last Monday we did not have a real P-day. We had it on Tuesday instead with our whole District. We went to a Museum in Leeuwarden about the Resistance in World War 2. It was very interesting and fun to be with our District. Aswin also went mee. He is tha man. One with dedicated service. One I have seen grow so much. It reminds me of Elder Shields who was such a big influence in my life and a missionary who played a big part in my decision to go on a mission. I can not even imagine that I could take that kind of place even a little. I am just me, but now Elder Ellis. I love all the Members here in Assen and will have a hard time leaving this area if I do. Transfers are next week and I don´t know what will happen.
I was on X/changes with Elder Kunz and that was fun. I also went to District Leader Council with Elder Sanchez which was also cool. We had a sweet District Leader Council. On the train ride back we taught a young girl a little about the Restoration and about God and Jesus Christ. We sat in a silence section. Across from her was a man who kept looking at us so I thought he was mad at us for talking. The girl said `I believe that there is something out there but just don´t know what and who Jesus really is` all of a sudden the Man starts testifying about how our Heavenly Father lives and that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and that it will change her life if she believes. HE bore a very powerful testimony and he sounded like a member but I am sure he was not. He then just left. Best Joint Teach ever. I thought that he was either John the Beloved or just an Angel. Even just a normal Christian who acted as an angel. God works miracles. Church was awesome just one good thing after another. Bernadette is all good to go and will be baptized on Saturday. She means so much to me and I am so happy that she is being Baptized. I love you all and I know that this restored Gospel is true.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 7 November 2011

Hallo goede dag!

Well it has been another week and I am amazed how fast time is going by. I cannot believe that Christmas is coming up. I am so excited to talk to people about the Birth of Christ (yes I know that he was not actually born in December) but it is a good time to celebrate his birth. I am so glad that I am here on my mission because I am learning so much. I love the Lord and his gospel. We can be so happy that the Gospel has been restored. Now, what does that actually mean to me? Well when I think about what I want my future family to look like the only way I can imagine it is with the Gospel principle as the foundation of my home. I see so many families in Assen and all over the Netherlands and I just really want to share with them what it means. The Gospel blesses lives. My new Companion Elder McDaniel is a convert to the church and it has blessed his life so much. I am so honored to be able to train him. I love him already. He is such a good guy. All the members that I have met are amazing and good examples of followers of Christ. I love the members all over the world. There was a lady visiting from Honduras or something like that. She spoke no Dutch nor English and I spoke no Spanish but she was a member and I just felt as if I knew her. Such a sweet lady. I am also so happy to see the way people change their lives once they start feeling that the Gospel is true. My life is changing and I can't imagine what my life would be like if I was not on a mission. We went on joint-teach with this family last week and the daughter is preparing to go on a mission. It was a very good experience for all of us. We also had interviews this last week and it was good to talk to the president and his wife. I went on x-changes with an Elder from Brazil. He is also such a good missionary like all the others in this mission. We had fun. We had a really good Sunday and great testimonies and we went to Family Loorbach for dinner and had a great time, We now share a very spiritual experience and I feel at home when I am there. I also act like I am at home. I maybe need to not tell them to serve me like I did yesterday. It was good though and they are just so awesome. I am blessed to have so many friends and family who are on missions or preparing to go, I also should not forget those who already went. I said the word I a lot so now I want to say I love YOU all. You are the motivation, you are the strength, you are the support and you are loved by our Heavenly Father. Thank you all.
I love you all
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 31 October 2011


I hope you all were able to somehow translate last weeks letter. I thought it would be fun to write in Dutch, to practice my spelling.
Well let me start like this.
Tuesday I went on exchanges to Groningen with Elder van Doesburg an Elder who is Dutch. We had a really good exchange and talked to some really cool people. We had a good time and only spoke Dutch.
On Wednesday we exchanged back and when we got to Assen our companions had a delicious Lunch waiting for us. We then had a cool lesson with a Dutch guy and his girlfriend from America. They bought us some hot chocolate and we sat inside of a cafe. It was one of those lesson where they were just really critical bringing up common concerns like "A Bible, a Bible, we have got a Bible and need no more." Or that it says nothing about the Book of Mormon in the Bible. When we tried proving it they still did not want to believe. They are really cool though. We had a dinner with the Branch President. We were planning all the pranks we would play on the new missionary when ever he comes. We had a lot of fun and just had a good time. We then went and taught Bernadette. She is so nice and we pretty much finished teaching everything. As we were biking home I got a phone call from the Assistants to the President who told me that I needed to be in Leiden the next day at 1 o`clock. I was like why? They told me to pick up the new missionary. What? They then said you did not know? I was like No! and apparently they knew for a few days now. So we went and Elder Merrill packed for the rest of the night. The next day we went down to Amsterdam where we waited for Elder Brockbank who would go down to Leiden with me and Elder Taylor, Elder Merrills new comp. I got to see Amsterdam. It was so cool. My new comps name is Elder McDaniel and he is from Texas. He is really cool.
Alas my time is up but I'll write more next week. Love you all.

Monday, 24 October 2011

This Week Was Temple Day

Hello everyone
Hallo, hoe gaat het? Het gaat goed met mij en ik ben altijd blij. Mijn zending gaat heel goed tot nu toe. Ik had net mijn eerste doop, een man uit Zwolle, Metske is zijn naam. Ik ben so gelukig. Het is gek hoe snel de tijd vergaat, ik ben nu al 1 jaar op zending. ja vet man.
Yo I am so happy. like I said a man in Zwolle got baptized yesterday. I helped teach him when I was in Zwolle matter of fact, I kind of re found him. He has been investigating for a long time now and a countless number of Missionaries have taught him. I was filled with joy when I found out that everything went good.
Tuesday was good and all but the best part about it was at night we went to a lady with a member and taught about the first principles and ordinances of the gospel. It was a really good lesson. She wants to be baptized and wants to stop smoking. Well first stop smoking. After that appointment we went with the Member´s family to a American All you can eat Restaurant. It was really good and we had a really fun time. The De Jonges are so cool and so much fun. I ate so much that I about died. well I about exploded. That same night we took a train down to Apeldoorn to spend the night with the Zone Leader so we would be closer to the Temple since we had to be there at 9 in the morning. We got the Zone Leaders pretty late. It was a fun sleep over but of course nothing too crazy happened.
On Wednesday my comp and I woke up at 4:30 and got ready and then took the train to Zoetermeer which is where the temple is. It was a really cool day and we had lots of fun and it was so nice to go to the temple. Elder Weideman came a 70 out Switzerland. I spoke to him in German.
On Thursday I had my year mark but it was just a normal day.
Friday till saturday I wad a sweet X-change with Elder Bickham and we talked to a ton of people and found some potential investigators. We had a really hard working X-change.
On Sunday an American couple came to church which was cool. My time is up for today. I love you all very much Keep it up. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Amen
I love You all
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 17 October 2011

Half Way Done

Hello ya'll
I am sorry if some of you are expecting letters from me and are not getting any. It is a lot harder to write letters than I thought.  I am trying to find time to write back to those who have written me. 
It's been an interesting week. I am still waiting for my new companion and so Elder Merrill and I are still working here in Assen and it was a little hard to be focused since we knew that we both are supposed to be doing other things. Like training for me and him being in another city. Also Elder Kuttler one of my old companions went home on Thursday so I realized that I only have a year left. I met him first when He had a little less than a year left. Weird. The mission has changed big time. The District meetings are still good and really cool especially as a District Leader because I am really paying attention to all the input from the other Missionaries so that means that I am learning a lot from the other Elders and the Van Komens. Bernadette is also doing good but we had to change her date to be baptized. She is really positive though.
Wednesday was a cool day because we had nothing planned since that day was left unplanned for transfers but since nothing happened for us yet we stayed and did a lot of finding.
Man I am so happy because they are now selling Olibollen again which are kind of like doughnuts but so lekker. We bought some on Friday night while we were doing some finding in the city. 
I feel that our lessons are really improving and that we have been able to help our investigators more. Sunday was a good day because we went to a baptism for an 8 year old girl from the Branch. After that we rode out to the border of Germany to eat with a member family. We had a lot of fun. I love you all and am thankful for all the support.

Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 10 October 2011

Transfer Week

Well Hello.
So I have to admit that I pretty much knew what was happening for transfers the last week or so. I did not want to say anything because it was still up in the air.
Sunday night one of the Zone Leaders told me that I would be going with him to Leiden the Mission Office on Thursday for some kind of a training. I thought that's weird. He later told me that its a training for potential trainers. I was like "Whaaaaaat?......" I might train.
On Monday the District that I am in decided to do a district P-day where we went to the 150 year Monument with bicycles. We rode from leeuwarden to there and back. 20 km each way..... In Suits since we said we bike all the time anyway so we might as well stick out to people, we did. The way there was really nice and at the monument we met the Van Komens who brought some Lunch Sandwiches. We had a really good time, till we had to bike back and the wind was blowing against us the entire time. It took us a little longer to get back. We still had fun it was just a little trying. On Monday Aswin had a knee surgery. It went really well.
On Tuesday we had a District Meeting talking about General Conference. It was really cool and the spirit was very strong. We also had another good lesson with Bernadette, the wonderful lady who will be baptized soon. She is so awesome and is making so much progress. We had a really good Branch Council and really got a lot of support from the Branch Members and Leaders.
Wednesday was a little slower, the reason, we had to e-mail and go grocery shopping.
Thursday we X-changed with the Zone Leaders and I went down to Leiden Through Amsterdam. I saw Amsterdam and the airport and an airplane which was about..... a year away from me. The Training was really and so inspiring and spirit filled. I feel so lucky that I was considered a potential trainer. After the training we had Domino's pizza. I then hung out with the office Elders for a while because we had to wait for a new car for the Zone Leaders. The rest of the day went really good as well.
On Friday we worked in Emmen and its about a hour bus ride and right as we got there our appointment called us off. Luckily we had something else planned as well.
On Saturday we did a lot of finding and got a couple doors with people not so happy to see us. We just responded nicely and left. We contacted over 50 people which means that we knocked at least over 100 doors since not everyone answered or was home.
Sunday was really nice. Bernadette showed up early and really liked church. I was asked to give a short 5 min talk about something I learned from General Conference. It went pretty good. However it was freezing in the church cause the heater did not work. Half of the members wore their jackets. We then went with the Loorbachs to eat with them and had delicious Lasagna and this time I had just the right amount. We had a fun time with them. I love um.
We had our 4th appointment with Bernadette that week and it was really cool. Then on our way home I received a phone call from one one of the Assistants who then told me that I will be training. Since the New Missionaries are experiencing difficulties with their Visa's they will be arriving a little late and Elder Merrill and I will stay together till then. Its been a really good week and I am excited to train. So that means I am staying in Assen for another 6 weeks at least. I will be in one District for half of my mission and only two cities. I love it though. Thanks for all the support. I love you all. Miss you.

Love Elder Ellis

Today while emailing us!  First time sending pics through email... long overdue!

Typical Jon... One of his trademark looks :)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sweet Week

So I am extremely sorry that last week was so short. I feel like that there is always so much that happens that its impossible to even give a small update. By now so much has happened again that I can hardly remember what else happened last week. So I am sorry that my e-mail from last week is unfinished. 
On Tuesday we had a great District meeting and it was great to have the Van Komens back ( not just so they could make lunch) They are so awesome. Oh yeah here is what is cool. A journalist from a Dutch newspaper decided to write an article about the Mormon Missionaries and she chose our District. Which meant she not only followed around the Zone Leaders in the District but to also sit in on a District Meeting, held by me. Yeahh.... great. It went well though, she mostly just observed and took notes. The article she wrote mostly talked about the two Elders that she followed around but I was still worried that she would say something like:"Whoever that young guy was that taught the meeting had no clue what he was doing." But no nothing like that. It all went well.
I went on X-change with my long known friend Elder Wilcken ( since we both have been in this District forever.) We went to the Loorbachs for dinner again and it was delicious like always. They always make fun of me because I eat so slow. I guess I do. Aswin then went back to Assen with us to go on joint teach. Both the Ladies we taught are so awesome and one of them has a baptism date. She also came to the General Conference. It was cool. She text us the next day and said that she wants to be baptized one week earlier. Elder Wilcken and I also had a really cool discussion about gospel things, pfffff... what else do you expect from two Elders who have been on a mission for a while. That is all we think about.
Wednesday we had a great rest of the X-change. We did some finding in the park dragging the beautiful weather with us and had some sweet conversations. The people seemed more open since they were walking their dogs and had nothing else to do anyway. We kept quoting scriptures in our contacts. It was powerful to see peoples reactions to it. After the X-change my normal companion and I went to Fam Keuter for dinner (branch Presidents fam) We had a blast there like always.
On Thursday we had a cool finding hour where I tried to convince a lady that God existed. She said that's just what I believe to feel secure. I told her "No you just believe that he is not real" I asked her if she believes in Gravity and she said yes so I dropped my keys and said that no matter what the keys will fall every time. You can say that gravity does not exist, but in the end it does or else the keys would not fall every time. I then boldly said "God lives and he is real" It was cool how the spirit testified to me as I said that.
All I can do is testify. Oh yeah I also gave my first Baptism interview for one of the people that was being baptized in Groningen. That was a really cool experience.
On Friday we went to the Baptism and the journalist also came with her friend and I started talking to them and answering a ton of questions, one of the members then took over. It was really good.
Saturday was also a great day. On Sunday we got to see the Missionary Superbowl aka General Conference, man it was so awesome and I learned so much from it. It was a sweet day. I have to go. I love you all.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 26 September 2011

My Busy Week

Hello Everybody,

Well my week has been great and extremely busy. 
On Monday after P-day we had two appointments which both went really well.
On Tuesday we had District Meeting and to be honest I was not that well prepared to teach, it was good though. I now know to take a little more time to prepare. We then waited for a delivery of new chairs for the Church and unloaded them and put them in the church. When we got back to our own city we had two really good lessons and set a baptismal date with one of the investigators.
On Wednesday I had a District Leader Council in Leiden at the mission office. I was gone all day and I went with Elder Sanford while my companion and Elder Sanfords Companion stayed in Apeldoorn.
I would finish my e-mail but the library is closing. I love you all
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Life of Elder Ellis

How is everybody? I am doing pretty good and am excited to change things around. Now you all are probably wondering what I mean by that.
The mission and actually all missions of the church have a new schedule to go by. Our main focus is to find and teach Families. haha really funny. When I first heard that I just thought to myself: "Yeah that is what we always look for to begin with, it's just so hard to find a family" Well we had a training that made it more clear to me on how we would find and teach more Families. Now back to the new schedule. It is a lot different than the one I went by the past 9 months (in the field) but it is gonna be so awesome to live by it. I am exited because I know that it will build the kingdom. I am praying to increase my faith and ability to teach with good dutch and to teach simply to get the point across.
I will let you all know what its like.
We found 2 new investigators this last week and they are very nice women. They don't know each other. They both are excited to learn a lot and accepted to make a calender of how often we will come by. I learned that our investigators need to know that we come to teach and that there are certain topics that we need to cover. So many people just like talking but it goes no where besides all around the gospel (topic wise that is).
We also met with a really cool lady (member) who unfortunately has not come to church for a while. She said that she wants to come back. Sweet.
On Thursday we had Zone Training where we heard about the changes from our Mission President. It was very good training.
After the training I went on exchanges with one of the Elders working in Zwolle. It was really fun to be back in my old city. I was able to look up one of the former investigators. I love Zwolle. We also found two new investigators who are awesome and who we had really good lessons with. Unfortunately one of the investigators was hit by a car the night after we found him. His dad text us and told us that our appointment won't go through because he is in a coma. I hope that he will recover to full strength.
Really quick some updates that I forgot to mention a while ago. When I used to work in Zwolle we had 2 solid planned baptisms. Both of the wonderful ladies have not been baptized yet. One is still investigating but needs time and the other stopped contact because she was antid. A Family that was and is so awesome went inactive while I was there it started but now they no longer come to church at all. It is so sad to see those kind of things.
A little better news. On Saturday we had our last open house in Leeuwarden. We talked to a ton of people again and I gave a church tour in German to a lady from Hamburg. I also talked to a really cool Canadian guy. It was a great success.
When we were waiting for the train before going home a lady started asking questions about our faith or believe in front of a ton of people and we had to really stand for what we believe. I hope that some of the people around us now have something to think about .
I love you all and I must go. Thanks for all the support.
Love Elder Ellis

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hey Everybody

I am very thankful for all the e-mails and letters just so you all know. I may not always be able to respond right away but I am very thankful. I love you all.
So let me see if anything cool happened this last week.....
Let's start with Tuesday. I gave my first District meeting and that went really good and it was fun. I also realized how everyone loves to get distracted on other things but to be honest the biggest distraction is gone since I am now teaching and focused on what needs to be covered. I love calling the Elders from the District Sunday nights and even though it does not always seem like it, I am trying to be a good example for the District. I am so far from it but I am working on it.
After the District Meeting we finally had a guy come to check out the leak in our bathroom and it should be taken care of soon.
Man I love Branch council where we talk about the investigators of the area with the leaders from the Branch. It is a spiritual environment where we can seek inspiration from everyone to help us with our responsibilities in the area.
On Thursday we worked with Aswin again. Man he is so Awesome. He is the Best!! we taught a sweet lesson to a nice lady and we all felt the spirit.
On Friday we were looking for someone and could not find her house so we were just in this area wandering around till we came across a guy who was about to take a washing machine into this lady's house and he jokingly said "Oh two strong young guys, who came just to help" We were like sweet can we help and they were like"No it's good" But they finally let us help and we carried it up a floor up a Dutch stair case which goes straight up and each step is tiny. It was fun because most people don't like getting help.
Saturday we had another open house in Leeuwarden and my comp and I talked to a little over 400 people all together. We were so busy but I have to admit he was on fire. He just talked to everybody. I also helped a guy who got robbed right after getting money from the bank. He speaks Farsi or Persian its the same but he also speaks Dutch. When the police came I had to give a report of what he told me. I just contacted him like a couple minutes after he was robbed. He is a really nice guy.
Oh we ate dinner with the Loorbach family 3 times this week, Aswins family. They are so awesome and so nice. I love um so much.
I also forgot to mention that I was on exchange with Elder Bjork who is one of the Zone Leaders and we had so much fun and found two new investigators and had a few awesome lessons that day. I love that Elder. I love this work and I love learning about the Gospel. I am also excited to go on more exchanges with the other Elders in the District. Well I love you all and am so grateful for the support and the prayers and everything. You all stone.... I mean Rock! haha I came up with that while writing a letter to someone. anyways
The gospel has been restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith and I know that it's true. I Love Jesus!
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 5 September 2011


I have realized that writing a subject for every e-mail is kinda, well dumb, cause I run out of ideas.


I am doing good and I hope so are all of you.
I am starting a new week in a new transfer and at the end of this transfer I will hit my year mark, well beginning next transfer. Not that I am thinking about my time I just can't believe how fast time is going by. I just can't imagine my normal life anymore.
On Tuesday we had a cool appointment with 2 investigators who are not interested in our message but our well-being. So they make us Delicious healthy food and gave us frozen pasta sauces to take home and freeze. They are so awesome. We do talk about why we are on missions and they can't believe that we would at our young age leave all worldly things behind to talk to people about the gospel. I hope that they think about it and come to realize eventually how beautiful and important the gospel of Jesus Christ is.
I did have a pretty painful day on Wednesday, my back pain is getting worse but I am learning that if I walk in a handstand to my appointments that the pain goes away. JK I do have a muscle stem thingy which really helps I just have to be more consistent with it.
We had an appointment with a young guy who tryed to convince us that religion is false. I went out of that appointment with a strengthened testimony. HE has really good points but my testimony was able to withstand. Only cause I study, pray and go to church very consistently.
On Thursday we had a sick appointment with two new investigators who are super positive. The Mother started crying when we told her that she can be with her son forever. At the end of the appointment she said the prayer and she cried through it and man the spirit was strong.
I have learned a lot about Revelation for myself and for those I teach. Sometimes we plan for an investigator and we then teach something completely different because we were lead by the spirit and we then find a concern that was stopping them from progressing, even if it means that we can't set a new baptismal date because they need to really do things on their own. I am sorry if this last sentence is confusing, it sounded much better in my head.
On Friday it was perfect weather , the sun was shining but it was fresh outside and we went and did service in a members yard.It was fun. He then in turn fed us. I love service.
On Saturday we did another open house in Leeuwarden and talked to alot of people. I talked to an Austrian and he is actually from Salzburg and his dialect which I thought I could speak was hard to understand. I tried talking back with my Salzburger dialect but apparently that no longer exists.
On Sunday we had stake conference and it was fun to see all the members from Zwolle. We had an awesome day.
I Love You All. My time is up.

Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 29 August 2011


I am doing very good and I hope all is well at homes (Austria and America) (or where ever else anyone may be)
I was asked to tell a little more about me sharing a powerful testimony with some investigators. This is a very special experience I have had and means a lot to me so I can't go into details, however, we were meeting with a couple to tell us that they don't want to keep the BoM ( Book of Mormon) and that we should focus on Christ. SO I shared with them that the reason we use the BoM is to testify of Christ. We read powerful passages and scriptures from the book. The lady got mad and threw the book on the table and said that all we need is Christ and not Mormon, instead of bashing her with Why do you use the bible then? I started baring testimony and told her that many people have told me its false. I know that its true because I have received a witness and an answer from God that it is true and I will not let any human being tell me that its not because I believe that God is the source of all truth and no one else. I held the book up and said "I would not take two years out of my life sharing a book with people that is not true. I stand as a witness that Christ lives and a part of that testimony comes from having read the BoM and having prayed about it. I know that its true." This was all in Dutch of course and I said many other things and felt a little like Abinadi. As I stood I felt the spirit so strong and testifying to me of its truth. I challenge all to see for yourselves and read, ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart. I know that God answers our prayers and that the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and that it is a fruit of the restored Gospel.
 Now on another note. Meaning more recent, this last week has been good, really good. One of our investigators is making a lot of progress, someone who did not believe in Jesus Christ now through reading the BoM is starting to accept him as his redeemer. He came to church again and is feeling the Gospel bless his life.
Saturday was also a very good day. We did some finding by the market and talked to some cool people and later found a new investigator who wants her dad to also sit in next time.  We then traveled out to a Branch BBQ. At the Bus station in Assen we talked to 3 people waiting for the Bus and they would ask us what we were doing and why we would come to the Netherlands and so we shared a little. On the Bus we talked to a young guy who had a lot of questions and accidentally took the wrong bus but to be able to go back he had to go all the way where we were going. A Miracle! We shared the Restoration and gave him a BOM and some more info. When we got off the bus I felt that I needed to go back on the bus and give one of the ladies from the Bus Station a card with our number and church website. We then went to the BBQ and had a fun time with the members and later that night we got a text from that lady asking about "The Austrian" so we text her a little and hope that we can meet with her soon. This is the first time that someone has called/texted from me giving out a card. We are truly being blessed and the Mission is awesome. I love my Mission so much and I love the Gospel and Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that I am able to be on a mission and help others find the truth.
Now some other info. I am staying in Assen with Elder Merrill for at least another transfer and I am now also the District Leader. I was born and raised in this District and I get to be the District Leader of it too. I am so happy. Another miracle just happened, we got a text from an investigator and she wants to have dinner with us and give us food to take home. I love this work. Sometimes this work can be discouraging but with an eye single to the glory of God everything is possible to overcome. I love you all and am thankful for your prayers and help. I miss everyone I know.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 22 August 2011

A Short Message

First of all I just want to say thanks for all the awesome e-mails from all of you! It has made my day and I am Happy.
I don't have so much time beacause I just got back from a P-day with some members at the Zoo. It was a lot of fun and the Loorbachs are awesome and so nice. They are taking good care of us here. Well all the members are.
Last monday night we had an interesting lesson with a Dutch couple. We had a good discussion but we are obviously not on the same page. Their purpose was to give the Book of Mormon back and to convince us that we don't need the Book of Mormon. I bore such a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ, The spirit was so strong that I felt like I was on fire (in a good way).
On wednesday I had a really good B-Day and got amazing dinner from the Loorbachs. We also had an awesome Lunch with Matty Dohle. I worked as hard as I could even though it was my birthday. It's crazy how fast time goes by. I am already 20! What happened?
Well I have to go
I love you all
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 15 August 2011

My Week

Hey everybody,
I am doing so good especially because I am experiencing miracles. I learned that we have to look for the miracles that happen everyday. This week has been good and I have been working pretty hard. My comp Elder Merrill and I get along very well and we are having fun together.
On Wednesday we worked with our Branch mission leader after we ate Lunch with his Family. His mom made really good Lasagna. Aswin (Branch mission leader) then took us back to Assen. Oh really quick before I forget while we were in Appelscha which is were he lives, when my comp and I got off the bus to walk to his house we would usually turn left but for some reason I had the feeling that we needed to keep on going, so we did. Al of a sudden some Hispanic Family said "Elders" we looked at them and they were like"Hallo" so we just smiled and replied and you know members or anyone who knows missionaries always wave to missionaries as if they knew them and we have no clue who they are, if they are members or investigators or whatever. So we of course like always act like we know them and reply " Hey How are you" ( but in Dutch obviously) we then asked do you know the Missionaries and it turns out that they are members from Rotterdam and that they are here for business. They spoke Spanish but the Dad spoke a little Dutch. It was cool that we ran into them.
So back to where I was before. Aswin and we did some finding and then went to McDonald's for Dinner and it was so expensive and I got a meal deal. In Dollars it would have been about 12 $. It was ridicules, I won't go there again. Oh and also I have never seen a McDonald's so busy like this one. The only thing I could compare it to would be an Inn and Out Burger in Utah. It was completely full. After Aswin went back home we had the Zone Leaders show up to get a Romanian BoM ( Book of Mormon) from us. We talked for a while and I just have to say they are so awesome and funny. I love um.
I have to admit that on Thursday we were a little lazy and sat in the apartment a little longer than we should have so we did an exercise to help us focus. We looked at our name tags for a couple of minutes and wrote down what we felt or noticed. It was very Humbling. We then set some goals and went back to work. We went and did a consecrated hour and we experienced a miracle. This is it:
One of the new investigators we found was at the end of our Consecrated hour when we both felt inspired to leave the street we were on to go to this apartment building. We started ringing door bells but then felt as if we were in the wrong place so we walked away from the building and just stood on a lawn and looked around not knowing what to do. I then briefly saw someone walking by his or her window at the end of the building and we felt that that was who we needed to talk to. So we went to the second floor to the door of that apartment where we saw that person and no one opened. We felt a little disappointed but then felt the spirit saying "Knock" so we did and a man opened the door. We started talking about Happiness and he said he is not too happy right now, so we talked a little and made an appointment to come back and exchanged numbers. It was truly a miracle that we were sent to someone who needs the Gospel.
On Friday we worked in a city called Emmen and unfortunatly things did not go as planned so we ende up going back to Assen early.
Sunday I gave a talk and it was really good , well thats what the members said. It was about 17 minutes in Dutch, with notes, I did not read off a paper the whole time. yeah I should be more humble. Sorry I am just happy. Today we cleaned all day and never got tired except my back hurt but I am fine. I love you all and am Happy and excited to be a Missionary. I love the Gospel and the Lord......... more, there is so much more to write but my time is limited.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 8 August 2011

Hello Everyone

Last P-day was really fun because we went to a little place called Orvelte which is a very old town with about 83 inhabitants. They had a farm house from 1600 and lots of other cool things. The best thing was the members that took us. Harrie and Mattie Dohle who are twins and have lived in Assen their whole lives. They are very strong in the church and work together and have a very strong bond and apparently never fight. They are examples of Priesthood holders. They spoiled us that P-day.
On Tuesday we had X-changes where I was with Elder Hyer a Greeny. His Dutch however is very good. We had an interesting District meeting because the Van Komens where out of town so we had to go to Subway for Lunch because they could not spoil us. We then went inside the Groningen center and Most of the Missionaries from my district sang Hymns while a few of us including me contacted people. We got to talk to a lot of cool people and I got to talk to so many germans but now that I think about it I might have already writen about this last week.
Well the rest of the wek was great and unfortunatly the Library is closing so that means I have to come to an end.
I love you all and miss you, till next week when I have more time.
Love Elder Ellis

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hello and Sorry for Being Late

Hello again
I have had a good week, because of many reasons,
1. I am a full-time Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/ representative of Jesus Christ.
2. We talked to some great people and
3. We had Zone Conference which means we got to see some missionaries that I really like and who are good friends, also of course because we got great insight from the President.
It was a very good conference. I have to keep this e-mail short because we have an appointment in a few minutes so I want to share something.We experienced a miracle last Friday when we decided to finally go running in the morning. It was a little past 6:30 when we came across a lady on a bike who needed help to get to the train station. Now we had forgotten to wear our name tags so she just started talking to us as if we were normal guys on a jog. She then started getting emotional and shared with us that she has biked from a little town since 4:30 that morning to go to the train station to go home early because she had a really bad vacation experience with drunk people. She asked us if we drank and rejoiced to our answer of no. She invited us for some tea (rooibos) at the train station and we listened and eventually she asked us questions and we told her that we were from our church and she said that she has heard a lot about Mormons but now she knows that it is a good church because of our example. We received her information for the Elders in her area and she told us that she will read the Book of Mormon. I know that she needed someone to listen to her that morning and we were truly sent to her. We are missionaries 24/7 for two years and in general as members of the church. That really strengthened my testimony. I experienced a few Miracles this week and it really helped me. Also I was in Groningen with all the Elders from my District and we did a finding activity in the centrum where some Elders sang while I and some others went and contacted people, most of the people I talked to were German and only spoke German. I spoke German with and American accent and a really strong Dutch accent. I even talked to a lady from Austria Wels. I have not heard that Austrian dialect for so long that I just embarrassed myself when I attempted to have an Austrian accent. I need to practice my German somehow. It was great. I also met a really col guy who is from Suriname and he gave me all his information so that way I can come visit him and all just because we have the same last name. He is so cool. We do not even look alike I mean big difference in Color. It was a good week. I miss and love you all.
Love Elder Ellis
P.s. Miracles happen every day! We just have to recognize them and be open to experience them.

Here are a few more pics from Jon's mission...

"Me posing in Keukenhof.  Yeah, there were tons of flowers."
"This is in Keukenhof."
"This is near Zwolle in Emmelord.  We are beneath sea level."
"Now that is a real Dutch Windmill.  These are all over the place.  It's pretty cool."

"Elder Johnson and I decided to go to Germany.  No JK... we went with some members who live close to the border."

I'll save more pictures for another post :)

Monday, 25 July 2011


Well Hello again.
I am doing good and enjoying being Senior companion, my comp Elder Merrill is helping me doing my best. So he is a very good missionary and really want to and does work hard. We get along pretty good. This week has been very good.
On Tuesday we had our last district meeting with Elder Johnson and it was fun, We did a real life role play and I was partnered up with Elder Merrill who would be my new comp and we went and talked to the first 5 people we came in contact with. The 5th person was more interested and we ended up talking to him a little too long but it turns out he just tried to bash us. Elder Johnson packed the last little things and we were driven to the train station by a really nice non member who for years has been helping the missionaries. We than went to Amersfoort and spent the night there. I was able to work with Elder Nielsen a little and he is really cool and fun to work with. On Wednesday we went to the Utrecht station where we waited for all the new missionaries to arrive and to get our new companions. We just hung out for a while and I was able to see a few of the missionaries from my MTC group and some other really cool Missionaries. Elder Johnson then left and I would never see him again or at least on my mission. I had the feeling as if I was going home too. But I am glad I still have like a year and a half or something like that. Elder Merrill and I went back to Assen and went right to doing missionary work and than ate dinner with the Keuters who is the Bishops Family. Thursday was a cool day we worked with Aswin our Branch mission leader and also met with another member that evening and had a really good conversation. The rest of the week nothing else special happened except that we talked to a ton of people and had some really good conversations. We also got to eat at members houses almost every night, even Lunch on a few days. Yesterday we had an investigator come to church and she stayed around for the church Lunch and had a good time. It rained the last couple of days but that did not stop us from going from door to door. Now I mean we really had some good conversations. The last door we were gonna knock on yesterday let us in. We got some tea and just talked about what we do. We now have a dinner appointment with them for next week or so. It was cool. I love you all and miss you all and I hope all is going well. In times like these when horrible things are happening all over the world like in Africa or in Norway it is our duty as latter day saints to share the restored Gospel and the Plan of Salvation with everybody around us.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 18 July 2011

A New Transfer

Hello Everybody
Well I am doing good and am still alive.
Well last Tuesday was good, I e-mailed and had a good day but not too much so I won't go into details.
Wednesday we went down to Zwolle and had Lunch with the Elders from Zwolle and Heerenveen. It was a blast, and we ate the famous Elder Kuttler Spaghetti (to be honest I am not sure if he even made it). I than rode back to Heerenveen with Elder Wilcken my District Leader to go on x-changes. We had a great time and did a lot of finding. We did not really find anyone who was interested. It was a good day though. AT the end of the day we went back to my city Assen and there we x-changed with the zone leaders so it was a back to back x-change. Also because it got to late the Heerenveen Elders spent the night so we had a sleep over. They left the next morning and I and Elder Bair worked all day and just taught one lesson after another. We found some people who used to have contact with the Missionaries. We had a good rest of the week, actually my companions last week on his mission. Elder Johnson is really ready to go home. We had a lot of good member appointments. On Sunday we had one of our investigators come to church for the first time. He liked it and especially since Elder Johnson gave his last talk. I am sorry but I can't think right now, I have to many other things on my head, it will be better next week. I just met a guy today who was a missionary in Greece and Cyprus a while back and who knows a family from Austria who used to live there.  Also during the week we went to a sort of Concentration camp called Westerbork. It was very interesting to go and to feel the feeling of what happened there. Well also some info you all probably wanted to know. I am staying here in Assen and am going senior and my new companion will be Elder Merrill going on his 3ed transfer out of 16. ( I'm going on my 6th). I am very excited to lead the city and to be Senior, which just means I am responsible if something happens. Well I love you all and miss you.
Love Elder Ellis

(Here are a few pics we got from him over the last few months.  There's a few more but I'll add them later)

"Emmelord, we went on a P-day with some members."
"This is Elder Crittenden.  He is so cool, he and I really got along great.  He is now a Zone Leader in a different zone."
"Me on the phone talking you guys on Mother's Day."
"My comp and I at our Branch Mission Leaders home with his family.  Family Ajubi is so cool!"
"Elder Wells and I eating Via, it's a Dutch kind of pudding.  It's so good."

"This is my last time being companions with Elder Kuttler.  We are being transferred while waiting at the train station."
"....I don't know.  I guess this is what happens when you see a big rubber band laying around one night when I'm too lazy to write in my journal."

"This is where we lock up our bikes when we have to take a train.  The hard part is not only finding an empty spot but later finding your own bike cause they all look alike."

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Just Another Week

Hello Everybody!
Well I am doing good and would like to apologize for e-mail on Tuesday for the last couple of weeks. One of the weeks it was a holiday on Monday so we had to do it the next day and last Monday we had a District P-day and a member appointment right after so we had no time. This Monday we went on a fun P-Day with some members so same thing happened.
So last Tuesday after we e-mailed we had a Branch council meeting for my first time in Assen and it was really good. The members are really cool and trying hard to get the Branch to grow.
On Wednesday we had a senior missionary couple come over to pick up our dryer to give to missionaries living in a 4 man apartment, so we now have to hang dry all of our clothes. Arghhhh Oh well its not too bad. When the Saldens came they talked to us and then went to a store real quick to get something for the apartment. So while they were gone we went outside our apartment to look at something and the front door shut on us because of the wind. We had no keys and pretty much nothing on us. So we locked ourselves out. We freaked out since the senior couple would be back soon and they came all the way up just to get the dryer and its still in the locked apartment. We tried to find a way to break in but just could not find a way. SO the only option was to climb from our neighbors balcony to ours since we left the back door open. Now I should also mention that we live on the 3ed floor of our apartment building. Now even better, none of our neighbors were home besides one 4 apartments over next to us. So I went on the nice ladies balcony and climbed along the outside of the railing all the way to our balcony with 3 floors down to hard concrete. It was so intense and I totally felt like Jason Bourne or James Bond. While climbing over some workers from across the street screamed: "He is braking in!" and "A jumper, Jumper" That did not make the situation any better. Luckily nothing happened and when the senior couple came back it was like we never were locked out. Oh also all the balconies are lined up against each other but there are walls separating them so I had to climb around out on the railing.
On Thursday we went and looked up our friend/ branch mission leader Aswin for his B-Day and bought him a cake. That was really cool and he really liked it. It was a good day and warm.
Friday night we went and looked up a referral way far away so we biked out there to give her the Book of Mormon that she ordered but instead a man opened the door and was all like No, No interest and closed the door on us. So we could not give the Book of Mormon to who ever ordered it from there. Oh well.
On Saturday we had President Interviews and that was really cool and inspiring. I had a really good talk with him and he really helped me out  and gave good advice. Back home we tried to find Mountain Dew which they supposedly have at this one store but not at the moment. When contacting this one lady she told us "No I am not interested cause I am on vacation." Yeah that was weird.
Sunday was nice and rustig which means like calm and church was nice but unfortunately no investigators came.
Yesterday on our P-day we went with some members and when we got to the members house I realized that I forgot my name tag so we went back. That was my first time to forget it. We than rode out to a town called Bourtange which is a town built on a star shaped island with a mote around it. It was super cool. Its close to the German border and there were a lot of German people. We had a nice picnic and just had a fun time. We walked around took a lot of pics and just had fun. Yeah. I don't know how to describe it.
Today I am writing this, so Hi!
Well the things I wrote are not the only things that happened but just the more interesting stories, I love you all and I miss both America and Austria.
Love Elder Ellis

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Happy 4th of July

How is everybody? Good? Awesome. I am doing good too. It was just a little weird trying to celebrate the 4th of July in Europe. I got so many dirty looks when I was running down the narrow streets of Europe with a big American flag waving from my hands. I even ended my day in the police station, but don't worry I did not get arrested, just contained and some of you know that that would not have been my first time..... yeah. When I got back to the apartment at the end of the day I realized that I lost my companion so I had to go look for him and I found him very late at night. Before I go any further I should probably mention that all that did not happen, I was just playing around. Happy 4th of July. Its been a good week and we had a lot of member appointments, it was great. last Tuesday my comp and I decided to bike to district meeting which is in Groningen about 28 km/ 17miles away from Assen so we were all sweaty for district meeting. It went good though. Oh yeah also half way there my gears broke so I had to bike it in first gear so my legs were pedaling so fast and I was not even moving that fast. After the meeting we obviously had to bike home again so we biked home on the warmest day I have had here in the Netherlands so far it was 32 degrees Celsius/ 89 degrees Fahrenheit with like 100% humidity. Charming! but Childsplay! So it was a good day. We had a lot of really good dinner appointments with members and even one non member family who we also did service for on Thursday. It was great. No yesterday on Monday the 4th of July we went to Leeuwarden with our Branch Mission Leader Aswin and with the Van Komens and the the other missionaries from our district. It was a lot of fun. We went to a monument of the first people baptized as LDS in the Netherlands. It was cool. We than drove to the oldest still working Planetarium in the World made by Else Eisinga in his living room. It was a fun day. Anyways I need to go. I miss you all and I hope everything is going good for all of you.
Love Elder Ellis