Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hello and Sorry for Being Late

Hello again
I have had a good week, because of many reasons,
1. I am a full-time Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/ representative of Jesus Christ.
2. We talked to some great people and
3. We had Zone Conference which means we got to see some missionaries that I really like and who are good friends, also of course because we got great insight from the President.
It was a very good conference. I have to keep this e-mail short because we have an appointment in a few minutes so I want to share something.We experienced a miracle last Friday when we decided to finally go running in the morning. It was a little past 6:30 when we came across a lady on a bike who needed help to get to the train station. Now we had forgotten to wear our name tags so she just started talking to us as if we were normal guys on a jog. She then started getting emotional and shared with us that she has biked from a little town since 4:30 that morning to go to the train station to go home early because she had a really bad vacation experience with drunk people. She asked us if we drank and rejoiced to our answer of no. She invited us for some tea (rooibos) at the train station and we listened and eventually she asked us questions and we told her that we were from our church and she said that she has heard a lot about Mormons but now she knows that it is a good church because of our example. We received her information for the Elders in her area and she told us that she will read the Book of Mormon. I know that she needed someone to listen to her that morning and we were truly sent to her. We are missionaries 24/7 for two years and in general as members of the church. That really strengthened my testimony. I experienced a few Miracles this week and it really helped me. Also I was in Groningen with all the Elders from my District and we did a finding activity in the centrum where some Elders sang while I and some others went and contacted people, most of the people I talked to were German and only spoke German. I spoke German with and American accent and a really strong Dutch accent. I even talked to a lady from Austria Wels. I have not heard that Austrian dialect for so long that I just embarrassed myself when I attempted to have an Austrian accent. I need to practice my German somehow. It was great. I also met a really col guy who is from Suriname and he gave me all his information so that way I can come visit him and all just because we have the same last name. He is so cool. We do not even look alike I mean big difference in Color. It was a good week. I miss and love you all.
Love Elder Ellis
P.s. Miracles happen every day! We just have to recognize them and be open to experience them.

Here are a few more pics from Jon's mission...

"Me posing in Keukenhof.  Yeah, there were tons of flowers."
"This is in Keukenhof."
"This is near Zwolle in Emmelord.  We are beneath sea level."
"Now that is a real Dutch Windmill.  These are all over the place.  It's pretty cool."

"Elder Johnson and I decided to go to Germany.  No JK... we went with some members who live close to the border."

I'll save more pictures for another post :)

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