Monday, 22 August 2011

A Short Message

First of all I just want to say thanks for all the awesome e-mails from all of you! It has made my day and I am Happy.
I don't have so much time beacause I just got back from a P-day with some members at the Zoo. It was a lot of fun and the Loorbachs are awesome and so nice. They are taking good care of us here. Well all the members are.
Last monday night we had an interesting lesson with a Dutch couple. We had a good discussion but we are obviously not on the same page. Their purpose was to give the Book of Mormon back and to convince us that we don't need the Book of Mormon. I bore such a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ, The spirit was so strong that I felt like I was on fire (in a good way).
On wednesday I had a really good B-Day and got amazing dinner from the Loorbachs. We also had an awesome Lunch with Matty Dohle. I worked as hard as I could even though it was my birthday. It's crazy how fast time goes by. I am already 20! What happened?
Well I have to go
I love you all
Love Elder Ellis

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