Sunday, 24 June 2012

Our last Conference with President and Sister Brubaker

We had an awesome week. We were really busy on Monday and had no time to e-mail as you have probably noticed.
Right now we are teaching a couple of people who are really positive and will probably be baptized soon. David is one of them and he is so cool. He is 27 and loves the Book of Mormon and the Institute program. You know all the young adults in this area are really great.
I was on x-changes with Elder Hyer on Tuesday in Rotterdam North which is my old area except that we biked and did not sit in a car all day. While we were on a subway on our way back to the station where we parked our bikes an announcement was made that there was a bomb at the station where we needed to go. We ended up getting there by foot but the entire city block was blocked off and Police was everywhere. They just found a grenade that was actually fake or something like that.
We then ate dinner with a family whose son went on a mission 2 days after I did and just returned home for a foot surgery since he broke his foot playing Football. So we had dinner and hung out, he served in Germany so we could speak German with each other.
The whole week has been really good.
We had a sweet Mission Conference on Thursday and that was President and Sister Brubakers last one. It was sad but we got some really good advice from them. I love them so much and will miss them so much.
Saturday was a really good day and so was Sunday we worked really hard.
I love my mission so much.
Well I am staying here in Rotterdam South with a new companion Elder Schulte and Elder Benson will be going to St. niklaas in Belgium.
I am still the Zone Leader. It will be fun.
I love you all.
Love Elder Ellis