Monday, 31 October 2011


I hope you all were able to somehow translate last weeks letter. I thought it would be fun to write in Dutch, to practice my spelling.
Well let me start like this.
Tuesday I went on exchanges to Groningen with Elder van Doesburg an Elder who is Dutch. We had a really good exchange and talked to some really cool people. We had a good time and only spoke Dutch.
On Wednesday we exchanged back and when we got to Assen our companions had a delicious Lunch waiting for us. We then had a cool lesson with a Dutch guy and his girlfriend from America. They bought us some hot chocolate and we sat inside of a cafe. It was one of those lesson where they were just really critical bringing up common concerns like "A Bible, a Bible, we have got a Bible and need no more." Or that it says nothing about the Book of Mormon in the Bible. When we tried proving it they still did not want to believe. They are really cool though. We had a dinner with the Branch President. We were planning all the pranks we would play on the new missionary when ever he comes. We had a lot of fun and just had a good time. We then went and taught Bernadette. She is so nice and we pretty much finished teaching everything. As we were biking home I got a phone call from the Assistants to the President who told me that I needed to be in Leiden the next day at 1 o`clock. I was like why? They told me to pick up the new missionary. What? They then said you did not know? I was like No! and apparently they knew for a few days now. So we went and Elder Merrill packed for the rest of the night. The next day we went down to Amsterdam where we waited for Elder Brockbank who would go down to Leiden with me and Elder Taylor, Elder Merrills new comp. I got to see Amsterdam. It was so cool. My new comps name is Elder McDaniel and he is from Texas. He is really cool.
Alas my time is up but I'll write more next week. Love you all.

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