Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Excited for Christmas!

Hey everybody
I am so excited that it's almost Christmas. I have a stack of gifts that I want to open.
Man so on Tuesday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders or well at least with one of them.
I went with Elder Hawkley who is a Marine, so I bet you all know what we talked about. If you were thinking that we talked about the military than you are all wrong, we are on missions so we talked about the Gospel the whole time. (and also a little about the Marines)
I got to do two more baptismal interviews with a 10 and an 11 year old. It was very cool and fun I mean like serious but special... I will just leave it at that. Also I ate so much at the dinner appointment we had, the Dutch people always say "Alles moet op" which means everything has to go or be eaten. I have no problem with that since my motto is eat till there is nothing left.
Oh I also got the `Your from Australia`thing said to me which is weird cause I am actually starting to speak with an Australian accent.
On Wednesday we had a very good Zone Training which Sister Brubaker read us a Christmas story. It was so cool. I also got to see a lot of my buddies and we just had a blast.
On Thursday we had a very good day with Aswin and had a couple really good appointments.
On Friday we went on more exchanges and that was fun too. I was with Elder Leash and we got along great.
I love you all. Elder Ellis

Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Wow my buddy Cabel is coming home this week that means I only have like a little more than 10 months left. What?
Time is going by way to fast. I am loving my mission so much. I am learning so much. I love the Gospel and am so thankful for Jesus Christ. We taught a member lesson this week and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. It really made me feel the need of a saviour, Eben Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for him and will serve him all my life.
Monday we celebrated St Nikkolaas. First we ate with some members and then we went to some other members and and got presents from them and hung out a little it was sweet.
On Tuesday I prepared my District meeting in the morning before we left since I did not get what I needed to talk about till the day before in the e-mail. The meeting went really good and after we went on X-changes. I went back to Assen with Elder Hyer and Elder McDaniel went to Heerenveen with Elder Pelaquim. We had two of the best member present lessons ever. it was so sweet. Super positive. After we got out I told Elder Hyer,"Watch how I can get a dinner appointment" SO I then said out loud, "Elder Hyer what are we eating for dinner". The member then called his wife and asked if we wanted to eat with them and we were like "well.... I guess we can. It was a good day. My time is up . i ended up getting sick and I am still getting over it. I love you all and miss you, We also had a really good Christmas Dinner party. It was awesome.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 5 December 2011

December!!!!!! Its the most wonderful time of the year

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.
Jack frost nipping at your nose.
I am so excited for Christmas. I am listening to Motab Christmas edition all the time and its awesome. There is nothing better than Motab to a missionaries ears besides maybe Alex Boye' or Paul Cardell on the piano. I love the Christmas music and did not start listening to it till December 1st. I can feel that Christmas is in the air, even though thinking of Christmas makes me think of Family (and I do get trunky occasionally) I am very glad and happy to be here in Tha Netherlands on my Mission. The members here are spoiling us and giving us candy, chocolate, and what not left and right. Today is St Nikolaas which is a white bearded man with a red outfit like Santa on a white horse. We have two dinner appointments but the later is more like Hot Chocolate appointment which will be Sweeeettett. 
I am so stoked about what is going on in the Mission, there are miracles everywhere. We had a lady come to church who we met on the street. I think that that was the first time that someone came to church when we invited them without being an investigator. She is now investigating. It was such an awesome Sunday. Testimony meeting was so powerful and spiritual.  I love the members and get to stay here in Assen for the most wonderful time of the year.
This last Tuesday we had a zone p-day and me and Elder Sanchez (the other District Leader) taught District meeting together to both Districts and we then ate Lunch and had our Turkey Bowl. It was so much fun to play American Football, Soccer , and ultimate Frisbee. It was a blast. When we played American Football we got weird looks from people because its not that common in Europe.
I also bought an Arabic Soda at a middle eastern store. Yeah and Fudge Bars, the dates reminded me of all the stories I have of messing with palm trees and working with them and what not. All those times I had to work on the needle pricking trees. Now I look back and miss those times. I remember one time the drippers for one of the trees was broken so it just sprayed out into the ground and after some time created a deep hole which Brandon with his skinny body back then in those days climbed inside and was almost completely under the ground, funny what parents don't know. Anyways I have to go.
I love you all. and miss you
Love Elder Ellis
Merry Christmas even though I will write again next week and the week after that before Christmas so .