Monday, 27 June 2011

TT in Assen

Well Hello!
First off, we had the TT going on here in Assen, all of you who are big motorcycle fans should know what that is. It is the biggest event of the year here in Assen and its an international motorcycle race. Around 130 thousand people came from all over the world. All kinds of languages. For three nights in a row they had festivals going on till like 2 or 3 in the morning with a few different stages set up in different parts of the city. The stage in the centrum is the biggest and that is right next to where we live, so I think you all know where I am going with this. Yeah, no sleep till 3, three nights in a row. Because we could not sleep we just sat out on the balcony and enjoyed the concerts. It was so loud as if we were right there and the stage was not even facing us. So many drunk people were running around that it was fun watching them from our balcony. Well anyway, back to missionary topics..... uhhh.. Well work was slow especially cause of the TT and all the drunk people. We had really good member appointments and they really spoil us here in Assen. We helped out a couple of members with moving some washing machines and a fridge. On Thursday we had a few hours to work with our Branch mission Leader who is only 21. So that was a blast, we did look ups and all that stuff, we than went and had dinner with him and while we were sitting just eating this couple walked up to us and started talking to us because they know us. Well the missionaries in general that is, they started telling us that we were wrong and lost in the wrong church and started throwing out some anti crap at us so I we just nice and politely answered their concerns and briefly explained their anti stuff but focused more on bearing testimony and made sure we did not bash them, we did however have a comeback for all the stuff they said. I was surprised how much I knew and of course the spirit was guiding us and telling us what to say. On Saturday was the actual TT race and you could hear the motorcycles in every part of the city cause the were that loud. We were with a member and he turned on the TV to see the race and it was already over but an American won. Yeah. Ben Spees or something like that. Sunday was really fun too. We had a little Lunch after church where we all just hung out and chatted. Its been a good week, just a little slow and I was tired a lot. 
I love you all. 
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 20 June 2011

Well Hello Everybody

My week has been great. Missionary work wise its been pretty slow. Last Tuesday was slow since my comp sprained his ankle so he had to rest some so we have really been able to get to know each other. He is a really cool guy. We have so much fun and laugh more than ever. When he was on the phone with another missionary I heard him say that he has never laughed so much on his mission. So that was cool to hear. Wednesday we were able to work a little more. We did finding and what not and than ate dinner with the branch Presidents Family. They are a really cool family and we had fun with them, also their young kinds are cute and just so funny. On Thursday an appointment with a new investigator fell through so we were a little bummed about that. On Friday we got a ride with the Van Komens down to Apeldoorn to go to a zone training. Zone training went well, we talked a lot about the spirit and getting appointments with all those we talk to. Its always a blast to meet up with all the other missionaries. We had fun and one of the members in Apeldoorn made the most Delicious sandwiches ever. He usually cooks for us when we are in Apeldoorn for zone trainings. After the training I went on X-changes with Elder Merrill who works up in Heerenveen. We rode up with the zone leaders since zone leaders, assistants to the president and senior couples are the only ones with cars, we normal missionaries have to bike everywhere. We worked hard in heerenveen and did some door to door contacting and than had a lesson with a really cool lady and her boy friend. It was so cool because I was the senior missionary cause Elder Merrill is 3 transfers younger than me. I felt so cool. A member went on joint teach with us and she is so cool and nice. After that appointment we went to her house to hang out with her family. Family Stein is really cool, we sat around and talked and just laughed and had fun. When we shared a spiritual message one of the daughters who is 17 shared an experience she had at efy and like bore her testimony. It was cool to see that there are youth who have testimonies and are so strong in the Gospel even in a little branch like Heerenveen. It is cool to see strong families in the Gospel. On Saturday we had another full day together in Heerenveen and we did a ton of finding and had some really cool conversations with people. We than took the bus to Groningen where we switched back to our companions. From there we rode the train back to Assen. Oh at the train station while we were waiting for our companions these 4 sorta drunk people approached us and asked us about our name tags. It turned out to be a good conversation and they were very funny so we just had fun talking to them. In this transfer I have really loosened up so I just love talking to people. On Sunday we went to church and there were only around 15 people in church if even. It was a nice meeting. I got to know that members a little better. Our Branch mission Leader is really cool and fun and he is our age so that makes it even better. We than ate rode out to one of the members to eat with them and they live really close to Germany so we drove in and looked around in Germany for a little. I was in Germany! We ate dinner with them and looked at google maps and showed them where we lived. It was cool. The daughter of that family was in Utah for an exchange year and met Jacob Schenk my awesome cousin who two of the people I have met hear in the Netherlands know. Her name is Roxan Luberink. We barely than caught our train and made it back to Assen just on time to go to an appointment. We met at a members house and had their friend come and we taught her and it was a very good lesson and she wants to get baptized so we set a date with her. We had a good week and it was just so much fun. Especially when I was in Heerenveen at the Steins house. No but seriously, its been a good week. The ipad2 is very cool. I love you all and miss you.
Love Elder Ellis

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I'm in Assen

Hey everybody!
Well first off I love being here in Assen with my new companion Elder Johnson. He is a really fun guy who will be going home after this transfer so he is a tad trunky. Last Tuesday we had a great district meeting and than met with the sweet Indonesian lady who will be getting baptized soon. She is so cool and I hope that I will be able to go to her baptism. We also had dinner that night with the branch presidents family. I was so full after since we were fed a ton at district meeting, a little at our investigator, and then with that family. After dinner we played a little basketball with the branch president and his son. On Wednesday we had transfer so I went with all my luggage to Assen. There we did some finding and after about an hour of knocking on doors a 22 year old guy asked us if we were Jehovah Witnesses, we said no so he let us in. We taught a really good lesson, Elder Johnson and I teach very good together. We have just been having so much fun together. On Thursday we had a lesson with one of the few investigators in Assen and it went very well. The week was good we just did finding and other missionary stuff. On Sunday I gave a talk in the branch and I it was about 13 minutes long and man that was me cutting it short. I could have stood up there for ever. The speaker after me did not take a lot of time so we finished sacrament meeting early, so I would have had time to give a long talk. The members there are very nice we got invited to eat both lunch and dinner with two different members. IT was very fun. Yesterday on Pday we had a district pday where we all got together the 8 of us and a member from Groningen to play soccer. Man it was so much fun. I am a little sore now but its not that big of a deal though. Elder Johnson might have sprained his ankle since it really hurts and he is limping. Yesterday was also a holiday so we could not e-mail or shop so we did that today. Man I love being a missionary. Thanks for all your testimonies and letters and e-mails and what not. I love you all.
Love Elder Ellis

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pics from Jon's Mission

We were sent some pictures of Jon by the Van Komen's, a senior couple in his district for Mother's Day.  I thought I'd add them to his blog :)  I've been meaning to do it for some time now.

Twice a year the missionaries in Jon's mission get to attend the temple. 

I'm guessing this is his district.

Jon eating raw herring... he said it was good. 

Like I said, he actually liked it :)

We hear Jon keeps a pretty clean apartment... that's good to know :)

Jon is loving his mission!  It's a blessing to us to know he is doing so well and growing so much in the gospel!  

Monday, 6 June 2011


So lets start like this "I'm leaving Zwolle!!!!" I am so happy and so sad. I love Zwolle, the members are so amazing and nice, they really took care of me and of course my comp. The investigators we have are also so amazing. Two will hopefully be baptized this coming transfer. You all are probably wondering where I am going. Well I am going to a city 45 min away with the train in the same district named ASSEN. Yeah its kind of a funny name. "Its a funny name.. sure it is" My new companion is Elder Johnson and I will be his last companion. I have heard that he is super Truncky ( excited to go home and non stop thinking of home) so I'll have to make sure he works hard. He is cool though cause I already know him since he is in my district. Man I will miss Zwolle it's pretty much become my Home. I want to live her someday... no I probably won't but its a nice city. The address for my new apartment is Mercuriusplein 105, 9401 DH Assen, Nederland.
Well let's see, I've already talked about last Monday. On Tuesday we went to District meeting which was really fun cause our district is so awesome. The Van Komens are the best, like seriously, they spoil us with delicious food and I get to enjoy it even longer. Our branch mission leader in Zwolle hasn´t come to church for a while and I am very worried and concerned for him. He is such a cool guy. We had dinner with Family Spijkerman and they are also so awesome and it was a lot of fun eating with them. We went to an investigator and talked to him about Healthcare and especially in America, let's just say he must watch Glen Beck a lot. It was awesome. On Wednesday we did finding outside the church with a big board that had a world on it and explained Lehi´s travel/ Book of Mormon. We talked to a few people and had some really cool conversations. We visited one of the coolest and most faithful and dedicated church members ever. The 90 year old Bro Samboe, he comes to church every Sunday and we visit him once a week. We usually sing with him and look at pictures with him from when he was younger. He is so awesome and I will miss him. One of our super positive investigators with a baptismal date is having a hard time with a couple commandments and I can tell Satan is really trying to stop her from being baptized. OK just to say, All the members here in Zwolle are awesome. There is an investigator who has been investigating for 4-5 years and ever since I've been teaching he did not want to pray and always refused to pray so we always just prayed and at our last appointment right as one of us was about to pray I had a feeling to ask him to pray and after I asked him he looked at me and said "What!" I was so scared that he would get mad at me so I humbly asked again "Do you want to pray?" He just said "Is Goed" (is good) and he than said an amazing prayer. We were so happy, I don't think I've ever smiled so much during a prayer. We went to a centrum for people fleeing other countries and we had some really good conversations. On Saturday we were a little disobedient cause we stayed at an appointment too long so we got home late. Sunday was a very good day. A man came who was referred by our branch mission leader. He was very interested and really participated in church. The Fast and Testimony meeting was great and I bore my testimony again and am so happy. We went to a members house after church for a little party for a baby blessing. There were a lot of non members and we talked to a lot of people especially about being missionaries and what we do. I talked to an American guy who is a Chiropractor and there were two other Chiropractors and I totally forgot to ask for an adjustment. My Comp and I did a presentation and explained the Priesthood and why the father of the baby was able to give the blessing and not a preacher. We also ate dinner with them. You can forget my study this morning cause I was so anxious to know where I am going that I just sat around freaking out. Elder Kettler has been an awesome Companion and we have got to know each other a little too well, like we finish each others sentences and I always know what he is thinking and he knows what I am thinking. I have learned a lot from him and we had a lot of fun. Man Zwolle has been my mission so far, I can't imagine being in another city. Ahh Crazy. I have to know that this Gospel is true and that Jesus Christ lives, both he and our Heavenly Father love us so much that they have reached out to us in love and called a prophet 190 years ago to restore the church of Jesus Christ. We have 15 Apostles today and one of them has been called to be the president of the church. I love the gospel and Our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary. Its the best experience I've had so far. I get to talk to so many wonderful people and see the gospel bless so many. I love this work, its fun, a learning experience, and a spiritual booster. I love my Mission. 
Ilove you all and thanks for all the support.
Love Elder Ellis
Once again my new address:
Mercuriusplein 105
9401 DH Assen
Netherlands/ Nederland