Monday, 8 August 2011

Hello Everyone

Last P-day was really fun because we went to a little place called Orvelte which is a very old town with about 83 inhabitants. They had a farm house from 1600 and lots of other cool things. The best thing was the members that took us. Harrie and Mattie Dohle who are twins and have lived in Assen their whole lives. They are very strong in the church and work together and have a very strong bond and apparently never fight. They are examples of Priesthood holders. They spoiled us that P-day.
On Tuesday we had X-changes where I was with Elder Hyer a Greeny. His Dutch however is very good. We had an interesting District meeting because the Van Komens where out of town so we had to go to Subway for Lunch because they could not spoil us. We then went inside the Groningen center and Most of the Missionaries from my district sang Hymns while a few of us including me contacted people. We got to talk to a lot of cool people and I got to talk to so many germans but now that I think about it I might have already writen about this last week.
Well the rest of the wek was great and unfortunatly the Library is closing so that means I have to come to an end.
I love you all and miss you, till next week when I have more time.
Love Elder Ellis

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