Monday, 15 August 2011

My Week

Hey everybody,
I am doing so good especially because I am experiencing miracles. I learned that we have to look for the miracles that happen everyday. This week has been good and I have been working pretty hard. My comp Elder Merrill and I get along very well and we are having fun together.
On Wednesday we worked with our Branch mission leader after we ate Lunch with his Family. His mom made really good Lasagna. Aswin (Branch mission leader) then took us back to Assen. Oh really quick before I forget while we were in Appelscha which is were he lives, when my comp and I got off the bus to walk to his house we would usually turn left but for some reason I had the feeling that we needed to keep on going, so we did. Al of a sudden some Hispanic Family said "Elders" we looked at them and they were like"Hallo" so we just smiled and replied and you know members or anyone who knows missionaries always wave to missionaries as if they knew them and we have no clue who they are, if they are members or investigators or whatever. So we of course like always act like we know them and reply " Hey How are you" ( but in Dutch obviously) we then asked do you know the Missionaries and it turns out that they are members from Rotterdam and that they are here for business. They spoke Spanish but the Dad spoke a little Dutch. It was cool that we ran into them.
So back to where I was before. Aswin and we did some finding and then went to McDonald's for Dinner and it was so expensive and I got a meal deal. In Dollars it would have been about 12 $. It was ridicules, I won't go there again. Oh and also I have never seen a McDonald's so busy like this one. The only thing I could compare it to would be an Inn and Out Burger in Utah. It was completely full. After Aswin went back home we had the Zone Leaders show up to get a Romanian BoM ( Book of Mormon) from us. We talked for a while and I just have to say they are so awesome and funny. I love um.
I have to admit that on Thursday we were a little lazy and sat in the apartment a little longer than we should have so we did an exercise to help us focus. We looked at our name tags for a couple of minutes and wrote down what we felt or noticed. It was very Humbling. We then set some goals and went back to work. We went and did a consecrated hour and we experienced a miracle. This is it:
One of the new investigators we found was at the end of our Consecrated hour when we both felt inspired to leave the street we were on to go to this apartment building. We started ringing door bells but then felt as if we were in the wrong place so we walked away from the building and just stood on a lawn and looked around not knowing what to do. I then briefly saw someone walking by his or her window at the end of the building and we felt that that was who we needed to talk to. So we went to the second floor to the door of that apartment where we saw that person and no one opened. We felt a little disappointed but then felt the spirit saying "Knock" so we did and a man opened the door. We started talking about Happiness and he said he is not too happy right now, so we talked a little and made an appointment to come back and exchanged numbers. It was truly a miracle that we were sent to someone who needs the Gospel.
On Friday we worked in a city called Emmen and unfortunatly things did not go as planned so we ende up going back to Assen early.
Sunday I gave a talk and it was really good , well thats what the members said. It was about 17 minutes in Dutch, with notes, I did not read off a paper the whole time. yeah I should be more humble. Sorry I am just happy. Today we cleaned all day and never got tired except my back hurt but I am fine. I love you all and am Happy and excited to be a Missionary. I love the Gospel and the Lord......... more, there is so much more to write but my time is limited.
Love Elder Ellis

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