Monday, 18 July 2011

A New Transfer

Hello Everybody
Well I am doing good and am still alive.
Well last Tuesday was good, I e-mailed and had a good day but not too much so I won't go into details.
Wednesday we went down to Zwolle and had Lunch with the Elders from Zwolle and Heerenveen. It was a blast, and we ate the famous Elder Kuttler Spaghetti (to be honest I am not sure if he even made it). I than rode back to Heerenveen with Elder Wilcken my District Leader to go on x-changes. We had a great time and did a lot of finding. We did not really find anyone who was interested. It was a good day though. AT the end of the day we went back to my city Assen and there we x-changed with the zone leaders so it was a back to back x-change. Also because it got to late the Heerenveen Elders spent the night so we had a sleep over. They left the next morning and I and Elder Bair worked all day and just taught one lesson after another. We found some people who used to have contact with the Missionaries. We had a good rest of the week, actually my companions last week on his mission. Elder Johnson is really ready to go home. We had a lot of good member appointments. On Sunday we had one of our investigators come to church for the first time. He liked it and especially since Elder Johnson gave his last talk. I am sorry but I can't think right now, I have to many other things on my head, it will be better next week. I just met a guy today who was a missionary in Greece and Cyprus a while back and who knows a family from Austria who used to live there.  Also during the week we went to a sort of Concentration camp called Westerbork. It was very interesting to go and to feel the feeling of what happened there. Well also some info you all probably wanted to know. I am staying here in Assen and am going senior and my new companion will be Elder Merrill going on his 3ed transfer out of 16. ( I'm going on my 6th). I am very excited to lead the city and to be Senior, which just means I am responsible if something happens. Well I love you all and miss you.
Love Elder Ellis

(Here are a few pics we got from him over the last few months.  There's a few more but I'll add them later)

"Emmelord, we went on a P-day with some members."
"This is Elder Crittenden.  He is so cool, he and I really got along great.  He is now a Zone Leader in a different zone."
"Me on the phone talking you guys on Mother's Day."
"My comp and I at our Branch Mission Leaders home with his family.  Family Ajubi is so cool!"
"Elder Wells and I eating Via, it's a Dutch kind of pudding.  It's so good."

"This is my last time being companions with Elder Kuttler.  We are being transferred while waiting at the train station."
"....I don't know.  I guess this is what happens when you see a big rubber band laying around one night when I'm too lazy to write in my journal."

"This is where we lock up our bikes when we have to take a train.  The hard part is not only finding an empty spot but later finding your own bike cause they all look alike."

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