Monday, 14 November 2011

What is Time?

I have had another week go by on my mission. Time is past and today is a new Monday. Tomorrow will be Tuesday. I have the opportunity to wake up every new day and recommit to my Mission and my life as a worthy Priesthood holder of God. I try my best everyday but yet I find myself sometimes not doing my best. I realize it and than do my best. I may have learned a lot the last year or even my life but I can have a day that goes against all what I have learned just as fast as I can snap my fingers. I have had days on my mission that I am not very proud of (I did not do anything that would get me sent home), like sleeping in, being lazy and not caring about the time or stuff like that. These choices really affect the missionary work. However I find myself starting over and over again doing my best. In Alma it says that this life is the time to prepare to meet god. We do have to endure to the end, but that is very hard to do. I have found on my mission that there are three essential things for a ongoing conversion. We as missionaries call it THE BIG 3. Pray Always, Scripture Study and Church Attendance (Keeping the Sabbath day holy). Everyday that I wake up and the first thing I do is kneel and pray, have a really good personal Scripture study, things seem to run smoothly throughout the day. I can feel the guiding Gift of the Holy Ghost. When I attend church on Sundays I feel uplifted and serve others and feel Gods love. These are the things that help me be a good missionary. There are many other things that we work on to improve our lives but these three things are what keep the fire of our Testimony alive. I love my Mission. I may be in an Area which by some people is considered a bad area or a hard place to serve, but when I think about it, it really does not matter where I serve my God. He is with me and that's all that matters. I have felt the Atonement in my life and have seen it take effect in the lives of others.
So last Monday we did not have a real P-day. We had it on Tuesday instead with our whole District. We went to a Museum in Leeuwarden about the Resistance in World War 2. It was very interesting and fun to be with our District. Aswin also went mee. He is tha man. One with dedicated service. One I have seen grow so much. It reminds me of Elder Shields who was such a big influence in my life and a missionary who played a big part in my decision to go on a mission. I can not even imagine that I could take that kind of place even a little. I am just me, but now Elder Ellis. I love all the Members here in Assen and will have a hard time leaving this area if I do. Transfers are next week and I don´t know what will happen.
I was on X/changes with Elder Kunz and that was fun. I also went to District Leader Council with Elder Sanchez which was also cool. We had a sweet District Leader Council. On the train ride back we taught a young girl a little about the Restoration and about God and Jesus Christ. We sat in a silence section. Across from her was a man who kept looking at us so I thought he was mad at us for talking. The girl said `I believe that there is something out there but just don´t know what and who Jesus really is` all of a sudden the Man starts testifying about how our Heavenly Father lives and that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and that it will change her life if she believes. HE bore a very powerful testimony and he sounded like a member but I am sure he was not. He then just left. Best Joint Teach ever. I thought that he was either John the Beloved or just an Angel. Even just a normal Christian who acted as an angel. God works miracles. Church was awesome just one good thing after another. Bernadette is all good to go and will be baptized on Saturday. She means so much to me and I am so happy that she is being Baptized. I love you all and I know that this restored Gospel is true.
Love Elder Ellis

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