Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I am doing so good! Eveyone here is awesome. My companions name is Elder Brown and he is pretty cool. The food is good and I eat a lot and always feel full but i dont drink soda. Oh and just so you know right away I don't have much time cause I am going to the temple in a few minutes. If you send me a box just put what ever you want in it anything is great. Like gatorade or candy or food or anything is awesome toys are cool I mean here we act like kids again sorta. I ran into some elders who are going to Vegas and into some who are from germamy one of them knows someone I know so its kinda funny. It is really spiritual most of the time except for the time when I laugh non stop. hahaha My district is so funny Elder Davies and I always laugh but we are also very spiritual. We had Elder Richard G. Scott of the quorum of the 12 talk to us yesterday and it was so spiritual that I can't describe it. He really is an Apostle of God I KNOW THAT! He said" As an apostle of god I testify that Jesus Christ lives because I know him! The spirit testified to me the truth I know that everything he said is true I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life its crazy. I love being here. The time in my email is ticking and I am so stressed right now cause there is so much I want to say but I have to go as fast as I can. Today is my first Pday and its fun so far so if you could only write me thru letters than I have more time to write on her. I'm gonna have to think about my favorite scripture but I will let you know as soon as possible. Say Hi to everyone. Have people write me as much as possible. Getting mail means your cool here at the MTC. Oh Dutch is good I can understand evreything the teachers say its just hard to try to pronounce the stuff right. I am leaving December 20th so juct cause you wanted to know that. My teachers are so cool and its really fun. At first I was kinda quiet but now I feel more comortable. Oh if I spell stuff wrong thats cause I am going as fast as I can. We watched a movie sunday and it was so cool and everyone would cheer at the cheesey parts its pretty funny. I get an hour every day to work out and they have a gym and its cool some play sports and I run 1 mile and I workout with some weights but I am still gaining weight. We only sing in dutch and pray in dutch and its cool. We had a huge tie trade going on on our residence floor and there were like 30 missionarys walking around trading ties but I didnot trade any. We also had a black light rap party I rapped and a few others did too some beatboxed and some flickerd flashlighs and one elder danced it was so cool. Also We had Magic Tuesday which is something only Dutchis go thru well only those going into Belgium so also The french missionarys have to go thru it. Well I got to go if I forgot someting I am sorry there is just so much going on. Thanks for everything and can you send this to my sister. Once I get things figured out it will be easier.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Jonathan Opening His Mission Call

The day Jonathan received his mission call, but still hadn't opened it yet, my husband came home and heard that Jonathan had received his call and the first thing he said was... "He's going to go to Belgium and speak Dutch."  That's why Jonathan looks so shocked when he first reads where he's going.  He also said over and over again that the only language he didn't want to speak was Dutch because he thought it would mess up his German.  He's originally from Austria and speaks German as well.  That's the other language you hear him speaking in the video to his mom and cousin.