Monday, 28 March 2011

My Best Week Ever

Well...... so... I had such a good week that I will not be able to describe it.
Love Elder Ellis

No jk.
OK so Monday was good I started the day and the new transfer very good and obedient. We had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators and he is a very smart man so we really have to teach with the spirit and I know that he felt it. He wants to believe and is willing to work for it. Tuesday we go to district meeting and and on the way we talked to two women who were just let out of prison. Now at first I was like uhhh.... but we set all judgement aside and it turned out that they were very nice women and they had decided to start over the day they were let out, they said its weird that they ran into us on a day like that. One of the women wants us to teach her more so we gave her info through to the Elders that cover her area. District meeting was very cool and Elder Crittenden, our new districts leader is a very good leader. The zone leaders were also there so we had a blast, oh and we got a greeny in our district so that's even better. The Van Komens made us delicious lunch again. Well to the highlight of the week. Back in Zwolle all our appointments fell through after district meeting so we decided to look up this guy that we talked to on the street a couple weeks ago. HE was home and wanted his mom and his brother to join. We taught such a spiritual lesson and actually the mom was investigating the church 17 years ago before her first son was born. She almost got baptized and now in the last little while she has been praying to know which church she needed to go to and we showed up. Its a sign. The entire week just has been so good and we taught a ton of lessons and almost got standards of excellence. Well the other highlight of the week (and don't get me wrong the entire week was awesome) Sunday. The mom and both her sons came to church and we set a baptismal date for the mom and the son that we contacted on the street. It was so cool. Also we had a baptism after church in Apeldoorn from the kid of a member family and so many non members came and the zone leaders and an inactive lady who is so cool and she was baptized exactly yesterday 12 years ago. It was so cool. We also taught these two college girls..... well its been a great week. So great. I love you all and the Lord has been blessing me for the hard work and I love this Gospel and being on a mission and to see the Gospel bless others. I gotta go.
Love Elder Ellis
p.s. Schenk Family, Thank you so much for the pictures.

Monday, 21 March 2011

I am doing great/Elder Ellis' week

Ok well this last week was a really good week. So we had a really good district meeting and I helped cook lunch but I actually just stirred the food. Elder Van Komen and his wife make the best food. Man our ward mission leader is so cool and has a very strong testimony so at correlation meetings its always very spiritual. Man so we just had a good week. We had to bike out of Zwolle somewhere I've never been to pick up a package for my comp. Oh and its been really nice weather the last few days and everyone is outside going on walks sitting in the centrum and cafes and stuff like that. We ate Foo foo with family Ajubi which is my ward mission leaders family and its some african dish and its pretty good. I can't go into too much detail but we had some really good lessons this week and the spirit was really strong even our investigators felt it. Oh man so we went to look up this referral we had which the train did not go to this town and the bus did but we thought it was only 2 kilometers away so we started walking and it took us 1 hour and a half just one way which was a little over 5 kilometers one way. So we were tired and just sore but the guy really wanted the BoM so we gave it to him. We just had more good lessons and some good finding time. On Sunday one of our investigators who since I've been in Zwolle have been trying to get to church came and the Sunday school lesson was the best lesson ever and so spiritual and perfect for him. He liked it and I don't think I've ever payed so close attention in any sunday school class. Everything that was said was like a concern that he had. Sunday was my 5 month mark and I can't believe time is going by so fast. Oh we also went to another church after our own for an investigator we have and to be honest my companion and I really felt the spirit when everyone including us was singing, but unfortuanatly when the preacher started preaching we felt kind of uncomfortable because he was missinterpreting the bible and telling people that we should give our mony to the church and not worry about where it goes. It was a nice service though. We had a fun dinner appointment sunday evening where we just laughed a lot. Well I am doing great and I am learning so much. I love you all and I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. 
Love Ellis Ellis 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Hello to all....

Well first of all there has been a huge change for transfers.......NOT. I am staying here in Zwolle which is actually great, because there is a Member Family where one of there kids is getting baptized and I wanted to be there. Man we had a sweet time with our ward mission leader. We went finding together and it was pretty cool. The first guy we contacted was a member from Nigeria and he is visiting someone here in Zwolle. My bike has been broken so I got another bike from one of the Senior missionaries. Oh man we worked with one member of our ward pretty much all day. We went to an appointment at 2 and than got a tour of the History Geneology Archive from an investigator who works there. There were some really old books. They had a manuscript thats over 1000 years old, and all the news papers from WW2, and more. We even ate dinner with the same member. He is just so cool and helps us a ton. We had an awesome Zone Training in Apeldoorn and we actually forgot our phone so when we got to Apeldoorn we had no clue how to get to the church so we asked someone if we could use his phone. Man I think I eat noodles every day. Unfortunatly we had to drop one of our investigators cause he was not progressing and even said that he will not change. One of our investigators has had a concern that we finally figured out. He was stuck on the bible. We are now working on solving that. So we biked out to Hattem which is this really old sweet european city. It was a warm beautiful day and we talked to a lot of people at their doors and as we were walking these 14 year old kids (2 girls and 2 boys) were like making fun of us so I started talking to them in english and they had no clue as to what we were saying. Well we switched to Dutch and they asked us what we were doing and they took a picture with us and of my name tag. It was pretty funny. We talked to a lady who does not believe in God because she is mad at him. We talked to her in a very loving way and she even got emotional. It was a spiritual conversation. So at Church they asked me to give the opening prayer again, this was my second time. Crazy. Well everything is going great. I also found out about Japan and it really saddens my heart to see this. I hope that things will go better for them. Well I love you all and I love my Mission. I am having so much fun. Its hard but worth it. I hope you are all doing good.
Love Elder Ellis

Monday, 7 March 2011

Hello my fellow Latter-day Saints

Where do I begin... Well lets say last week on monday for P-day we played soccer in the evening with the young men and that was so much fun, I am a little out of practice. I was sore for the next couple days. Totally worth it though. Man at our district meetings we have this senior couple the van Komens, and they always cook for us and it is so delicious. We are teaching the older man and it is very spiritual and he has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. We brought a member and they got a long right away. It seems that right now we are teaching a lot of smokers cause we always smell like smoke cause their houses are filled with smoke. We eat lunch with an older couple that speak german and they make really good like traditional german food. it is so good. They had their tv on at first and it showed skispringen and that reminded me of all the memories I had when I was younger and we only had 3 channels on tv so during the winter all I could watch was winter sports. We went to help one of our investigators with her floor, we walked in and her two younger sisters (22, 19) were there and also her good friend. We taught them all and they are all interested and we actually have an appointment for tonight. So awesome, they also want me to rap for them but we will see. This one investigator who we have visited 4 times always wears his pants low and he is like 50. Now he gets up a lot while we teach to grab random things cause I think he is always drunk and his entire butt shows. Its kind of .. no really nasty. We had a lot of success finding this week but we mostly just talked to really cool people who however have no further interest for us to come back. for the first time someone let us in from going from door to door. They were so nice. My bike broke last week so I am on my 5th bike. Luckily I just got hand-me-downs. Now I am borrowing a bike so I need to buy one. We did a mini MTC for the youth well the youth leaders, we were just invited to talk about and share mission stories. It was so much fun and we just had a great time with the youth. We went all the way out to Emmen again for a member appointment but after having been on the train for an hour we got a text that it won't go through. So we just looked up some guy who does not live at the address that we have. And since we were already there we ate at Burger King while trying not to watch the music videos that are playing on tvs on every wall. It was great. Church was great and I blessed the sacrament in Dutch for the first time. Oh and I bore my testimony again. This time I was able to say a lot more. The weather has been great and sunny the last couple of days. So awesome. Its still a little cold. Right now there is a guy in the library who always is here when we are here and he laughs the entire time while either reading the normal newspaper or while on the computer, the weird thing is he always looks at me and then laughs and says something I can't understand cause his voice is deep and he mumbles. I am doing great and my testimony has been growing a lot. I love my mission and I am having a lot of fun. I miss you all and love you all.
Love Elder Ellis