Monday, 28 November 2011

Time is Flying By

Its been another great week and I can't believe that I am on my 9th transfer out of 16. Its crazy how fast time goes by.
This past week we have been working really hard just to reach our goals that we set. On Tuesday we had a good District Meeting and am finally feeling like that I'm getting the hang of being a District leader. I mean its been going good ever since I started. After the Meeting the wonderful Van Komens made us a Thanksgiving Dinner for Lunch. It was so delicious. Their son and daughter in law are visiting who have the cutest little girl ever. It was so much fun to sit in the same District that I have been in my entire mission except that I am the only one. The rest have all moved in recently and are new to the District. Soon I will have been in the same District for a year. Aswin came to the Thanksgiving Lunch and then worked with us the rest of the day. Now that is commitment. He is so awesome.
It has been extremely foggy lately except today it is sunny and nice outside. But when it is foggy you can barely see anything. You will be biking and out of no where someone is coming at you on a bike or a car. We are very cautious. (For those who worry)
Wednesday we just had so much success. It seemed so many people were open. Number wise we did really good but whats important is that people are coming unto Christ. At night on our way home we did not know what else to do so we prayed for guidance. So a little later as we bike home I felt that we need to look someone up. It is an older couple who are so nice and have treated the missionaries with so much love and care for years. When we got there we noticed a red light blinking at their neighbours house. The old man walked with us around the house to see if anything happened but it was fine so we turned off the alarm. We still don't know why we had to look them up but we spent the rest of the evening with them drinking hot chocolate.
On Thursday was another amazing day with just talking to one after another. Teaching lessons right and left. We made a lot of appointments.
On Friday we had such a busy day. We had 7 appointment of which 4 did not go through. We still had a good day though.
On Saturday morning we went to this part of Assen where there was supposed to be some kind of seminar about spirituality. We could not find it so we just knocked some doors. We started talking to a man who after 15 minutes let us in. We had a very good time with him and his wife and talked about very cool and Spiritual things. So we did get to go to a seminar except for we were the teachers. No but seriously we all had our part.
Sunday was also a very good day. After church we had a Lunch with the members which is always super fun. I am getting to used to Assen I mean I feel like I am at home. I am also getting really attached to the people here. I love Assen. We then went to eat at a members house with a couple other members coming along. It was fun and I was so full for the rest of the day.
I want to say one more thing, there are people who are incredibly rude where I really, now I mean really have to hold my self back from saying something back to them, something Christ would probably not say. Some people really do not have manners. They only cause themselves more stress and anger. So that's it.
I love you all and I hope that all is going well.
Love Elder Ellis

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