Monday, 25 July 2011


Well Hello again.
I am doing good and enjoying being Senior companion, my comp Elder Merrill is helping me doing my best. So he is a very good missionary and really want to and does work hard. We get along pretty good. This week has been very good.
On Tuesday we had our last district meeting with Elder Johnson and it was fun, We did a real life role play and I was partnered up with Elder Merrill who would be my new comp and we went and talked to the first 5 people we came in contact with. The 5th person was more interested and we ended up talking to him a little too long but it turns out he just tried to bash us. Elder Johnson packed the last little things and we were driven to the train station by a really nice non member who for years has been helping the missionaries. We than went to Amersfoort and spent the night there. I was able to work with Elder Nielsen a little and he is really cool and fun to work with. On Wednesday we went to the Utrecht station where we waited for all the new missionaries to arrive and to get our new companions. We just hung out for a while and I was able to see a few of the missionaries from my MTC group and some other really cool Missionaries. Elder Johnson then left and I would never see him again or at least on my mission. I had the feeling as if I was going home too. But I am glad I still have like a year and a half or something like that. Elder Merrill and I went back to Assen and went right to doing missionary work and than ate dinner with the Keuters who is the Bishops Family. Thursday was a cool day we worked with Aswin our Branch mission leader and also met with another member that evening and had a really good conversation. The rest of the week nothing else special happened except that we talked to a ton of people and had some really good conversations. We also got to eat at members houses almost every night, even Lunch on a few days. Yesterday we had an investigator come to church and she stayed around for the church Lunch and had a good time. It rained the last couple of days but that did not stop us from going from door to door. Now I mean we really had some good conversations. The last door we were gonna knock on yesterday let us in. We got some tea and just talked about what we do. We now have a dinner appointment with them for next week or so. It was cool. I love you all and miss you all and I hope all is going well. In times like these when horrible things are happening all over the world like in Africa or in Norway it is our duty as latter day saints to share the restored Gospel and the Plan of Salvation with everybody around us.
Love Elder Ellis

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