Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hey Everybody

I am very thankful for all the e-mails and letters just so you all know. I may not always be able to respond right away but I am very thankful. I love you all.
So let me see if anything cool happened this last week.....
Let's start with Tuesday. I gave my first District meeting and that went really good and it was fun. I also realized how everyone loves to get distracted on other things but to be honest the biggest distraction is gone since I am now teaching and focused on what needs to be covered. I love calling the Elders from the District Sunday nights and even though it does not always seem like it, I am trying to be a good example for the District. I am so far from it but I am working on it.
After the District Meeting we finally had a guy come to check out the leak in our bathroom and it should be taken care of soon.
Man I love Branch council where we talk about the investigators of the area with the leaders from the Branch. It is a spiritual environment where we can seek inspiration from everyone to help us with our responsibilities in the area.
On Thursday we worked with Aswin again. Man he is so Awesome. He is the Best!! we taught a sweet lesson to a nice lady and we all felt the spirit.
On Friday we were looking for someone and could not find her house so we were just in this area wandering around till we came across a guy who was about to take a washing machine into this lady's house and he jokingly said "Oh two strong young guys, who came just to help" We were like sweet can we help and they were like"No it's good" But they finally let us help and we carried it up a floor up a Dutch stair case which goes straight up and each step is tiny. It was fun because most people don't like getting help.
Saturday we had another open house in Leeuwarden and my comp and I talked to a little over 400 people all together. We were so busy but I have to admit he was on fire. He just talked to everybody. I also helped a guy who got robbed right after getting money from the bank. He speaks Farsi or Persian its the same but he also speaks Dutch. When the police came I had to give a report of what he told me. I just contacted him like a couple minutes after he was robbed. He is a really nice guy.
Oh we ate dinner with the Loorbach family 3 times this week, Aswins family. They are so awesome and so nice. I love um so much.
I also forgot to mention that I was on exchange with Elder Bjork who is one of the Zone Leaders and we had so much fun and found two new investigators and had a few awesome lessons that day. I love that Elder. I love this work and I love learning about the Gospel. I am also excited to go on more exchanges with the other Elders in the District. Well I love you all and am so grateful for the support and the prayers and everything. You all stone.... I mean Rock! haha I came up with that while writing a letter to someone. anyways
The gospel has been restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith and I know that it's true. I Love Jesus!
Love Elder Ellis

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