Monday, 19 September 2011

The Life of Elder Ellis

How is everybody? I am doing pretty good and am excited to change things around. Now you all are probably wondering what I mean by that.
The mission and actually all missions of the church have a new schedule to go by. Our main focus is to find and teach Families. haha really funny. When I first heard that I just thought to myself: "Yeah that is what we always look for to begin with, it's just so hard to find a family" Well we had a training that made it more clear to me on how we would find and teach more Families. Now back to the new schedule. It is a lot different than the one I went by the past 9 months (in the field) but it is gonna be so awesome to live by it. I am exited because I know that it will build the kingdom. I am praying to increase my faith and ability to teach with good dutch and to teach simply to get the point across.
I will let you all know what its like.
We found 2 new investigators this last week and they are very nice women. They don't know each other. They both are excited to learn a lot and accepted to make a calender of how often we will come by. I learned that our investigators need to know that we come to teach and that there are certain topics that we need to cover. So many people just like talking but it goes no where besides all around the gospel (topic wise that is).
We also met with a really cool lady (member) who unfortunately has not come to church for a while. She said that she wants to come back. Sweet.
On Thursday we had Zone Training where we heard about the changes from our Mission President. It was very good training.
After the training I went on exchanges with one of the Elders working in Zwolle. It was really fun to be back in my old city. I was able to look up one of the former investigators. I love Zwolle. We also found two new investigators who are awesome and who we had really good lessons with. Unfortunately one of the investigators was hit by a car the night after we found him. His dad text us and told us that our appointment won't go through because he is in a coma. I hope that he will recover to full strength.
Really quick some updates that I forgot to mention a while ago. When I used to work in Zwolle we had 2 solid planned baptisms. Both of the wonderful ladies have not been baptized yet. One is still investigating but needs time and the other stopped contact because she was antid. A Family that was and is so awesome went inactive while I was there it started but now they no longer come to church at all. It is so sad to see those kind of things.
A little better news. On Saturday we had our last open house in Leeuwarden. We talked to a ton of people again and I gave a church tour in German to a lady from Hamburg. I also talked to a really cool Canadian guy. It was a great success.
When we were waiting for the train before going home a lady started asking questions about our faith or believe in front of a ton of people and we had to really stand for what we believe. I hope that some of the people around us now have something to think about .
I love you all and I must go. Thanks for all the support.
Love Elder Ellis

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