Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Happy 4th of July

How is everybody? Good? Awesome. I am doing good too. It was just a little weird trying to celebrate the 4th of July in Europe. I got so many dirty looks when I was running down the narrow streets of Europe with a big American flag waving from my hands. I even ended my day in the police station, but don't worry I did not get arrested, just contained and some of you know that that would not have been my first time..... yeah. When I got back to the apartment at the end of the day I realized that I lost my companion so I had to go look for him and I found him very late at night. Before I go any further I should probably mention that all that did not happen, I was just playing around. Happy 4th of July. Its been a good week and we had a lot of member appointments, it was great. last Tuesday my comp and I decided to bike to district meeting which is in Groningen about 28 km/ 17miles away from Assen so we were all sweaty for district meeting. It went good though. Oh yeah also half way there my gears broke so I had to bike it in first gear so my legs were pedaling so fast and I was not even moving that fast. After the meeting we obviously had to bike home again so we biked home on the warmest day I have had here in the Netherlands so far it was 32 degrees Celsius/ 89 degrees Fahrenheit with like 100% humidity. Charming! but Childsplay! So it was a good day. We had a lot of really good dinner appointments with members and even one non member family who we also did service for on Thursday. It was great. No yesterday on Monday the 4th of July we went to Leeuwarden with our Branch Mission Leader Aswin and with the Van Komens and the the other missionaries from our district. It was a lot of fun. We went to a monument of the first people baptized as LDS in the Netherlands. It was cool. We than drove to the oldest still working Planetarium in the World made by Else Eisinga in his living room. It was a fun day. Anyways I need to go. I miss you all and I hope everything is going good for all of you.
Love Elder Ellis 

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