Monday, 5 September 2011


I have realized that writing a subject for every e-mail is kinda, well dumb, cause I run out of ideas.


I am doing good and I hope so are all of you.
I am starting a new week in a new transfer and at the end of this transfer I will hit my year mark, well beginning next transfer. Not that I am thinking about my time I just can't believe how fast time is going by. I just can't imagine my normal life anymore.
On Tuesday we had a cool appointment with 2 investigators who are not interested in our message but our well-being. So they make us Delicious healthy food and gave us frozen pasta sauces to take home and freeze. They are so awesome. We do talk about why we are on missions and they can't believe that we would at our young age leave all worldly things behind to talk to people about the gospel. I hope that they think about it and come to realize eventually how beautiful and important the gospel of Jesus Christ is.
I did have a pretty painful day on Wednesday, my back pain is getting worse but I am learning that if I walk in a handstand to my appointments that the pain goes away. JK I do have a muscle stem thingy which really helps I just have to be more consistent with it.
We had an appointment with a young guy who tryed to convince us that religion is false. I went out of that appointment with a strengthened testimony. HE has really good points but my testimony was able to withstand. Only cause I study, pray and go to church very consistently.
On Thursday we had a sick appointment with two new investigators who are super positive. The Mother started crying when we told her that she can be with her son forever. At the end of the appointment she said the prayer and she cried through it and man the spirit was strong.
I have learned a lot about Revelation for myself and for those I teach. Sometimes we plan for an investigator and we then teach something completely different because we were lead by the spirit and we then find a concern that was stopping them from progressing, even if it means that we can't set a new baptismal date because they need to really do things on their own. I am sorry if this last sentence is confusing, it sounded much better in my head.
On Friday it was perfect weather , the sun was shining but it was fresh outside and we went and did service in a members yard.It was fun. He then in turn fed us. I love service.
On Saturday we did another open house in Leeuwarden and talked to alot of people. I talked to an Austrian and he is actually from Salzburg and his dialect which I thought I could speak was hard to understand. I tried talking back with my Salzburger dialect but apparently that no longer exists.
On Sunday we had stake conference and it was fun to see all the members from Zwolle. We had an awesome day.
I Love You All. My time is up.

Love Elder Ellis

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