Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Wow my buddy Cabel is coming home this week that means I only have like a little more than 10 months left. What?
Time is going by way to fast. I am loving my mission so much. I am learning so much. I love the Gospel and am so thankful for Jesus Christ. We taught a member lesson this week and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. It really made me feel the need of a saviour, Eben Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for him and will serve him all my life.
Monday we celebrated St Nikkolaas. First we ate with some members and then we went to some other members and and got presents from them and hung out a little it was sweet.
On Tuesday I prepared my District meeting in the morning before we left since I did not get what I needed to talk about till the day before in the e-mail. The meeting went really good and after we went on X-changes. I went back to Assen with Elder Hyer and Elder McDaniel went to Heerenveen with Elder Pelaquim. We had two of the best member present lessons ever. it was so sweet. Super positive. After we got out I told Elder Hyer,"Watch how I can get a dinner appointment" SO I then said out loud, "Elder Hyer what are we eating for dinner". The member then called his wife and asked if we wanted to eat with them and we were like "well.... I guess we can. It was a good day. My time is up . i ended up getting sick and I am still getting over it. I love you all and miss you, We also had a really good Christmas Dinner party. It was awesome.
Love Elder Ellis

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