Monday, 29 August 2011


I am doing very good and I hope all is well at homes (Austria and America) (or where ever else anyone may be)
I was asked to tell a little more about me sharing a powerful testimony with some investigators. This is a very special experience I have had and means a lot to me so I can't go into details, however, we were meeting with a couple to tell us that they don't want to keep the BoM ( Book of Mormon) and that we should focus on Christ. SO I shared with them that the reason we use the BoM is to testify of Christ. We read powerful passages and scriptures from the book. The lady got mad and threw the book on the table and said that all we need is Christ and not Mormon, instead of bashing her with Why do you use the bible then? I started baring testimony and told her that many people have told me its false. I know that its true because I have received a witness and an answer from God that it is true and I will not let any human being tell me that its not because I believe that God is the source of all truth and no one else. I held the book up and said "I would not take two years out of my life sharing a book with people that is not true. I stand as a witness that Christ lives and a part of that testimony comes from having read the BoM and having prayed about it. I know that its true." This was all in Dutch of course and I said many other things and felt a little like Abinadi. As I stood I felt the spirit so strong and testifying to me of its truth. I challenge all to see for yourselves and read, ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart. I know that God answers our prayers and that the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and that it is a fruit of the restored Gospel.
 Now on another note. Meaning more recent, this last week has been good, really good. One of our investigators is making a lot of progress, someone who did not believe in Jesus Christ now through reading the BoM is starting to accept him as his redeemer. He came to church again and is feeling the Gospel bless his life.
Saturday was also a very good day. We did some finding by the market and talked to some cool people and later found a new investigator who wants her dad to also sit in next time.  We then traveled out to a Branch BBQ. At the Bus station in Assen we talked to 3 people waiting for the Bus and they would ask us what we were doing and why we would come to the Netherlands and so we shared a little. On the Bus we talked to a young guy who had a lot of questions and accidentally took the wrong bus but to be able to go back he had to go all the way where we were going. A Miracle! We shared the Restoration and gave him a BOM and some more info. When we got off the bus I felt that I needed to go back on the bus and give one of the ladies from the Bus Station a card with our number and church website. We then went to the BBQ and had a fun time with the members and later that night we got a text from that lady asking about "The Austrian" so we text her a little and hope that we can meet with her soon. This is the first time that someone has called/texted from me giving out a card. We are truly being blessed and the Mission is awesome. I love my Mission so much and I love the Gospel and Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that I am able to be on a mission and help others find the truth.
Now some other info. I am staying in Assen with Elder Merrill for at least another transfer and I am now also the District Leader. I was born and raised in this District and I get to be the District Leader of it too. I am so happy. Another miracle just happened, we got a text from an investigator and she wants to have dinner with us and give us food to take home. I love this work. Sometimes this work can be discouraging but with an eye single to the glory of God everything is possible to overcome. I love you all and am thankful for your prayers and help. I miss everyone I know.
Love Elder Ellis

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  1. Me and Lindsey are so happy to read of all your success in the field. Bishop recognized you and asked "where did John get all those flowers". Keep up the good work kid.