Monday, 27 December 2010

Well Hello!

Thanks for your e-mail. It was very nice to talk to all of you on christmas and I still think about it. My mom did get a hold of me she called and I talked to her it was very nice. I cant wait to get the box because I have not gotten any letters besides a letter from my mom the day I got to the mission which was awesome. I really miss getting at least one letter everyday from Cassie. Now I get nothing:( However yesterday my companion and I got a huge box from the branch with a ton of food and candy. Like bread soups noodles and some other stuff. Now we don't really need to go shopping today. Yeah. So we have an awesome branch. All the members are so nice and we went to a few familys for the Christmas time and played games. It was so much fun even though I didn't talk hardly ever. I am usually a big talker and I was in the MTC but here I am super quite just cause I never know what to say. Oh well it will come. We ran into a lady yesterday who had contact with the missionaries a while ago and we are gonna meet with her so hopefully she'll be an investigator. Also we are gonna meet with a guy from thailand. I am so excited because he speaks english and no dutch so I get to teach too. yeah. Today we cleaned some in the apartment. We are gonna go to the centrum of Zwolle and take some pictures and look at some stuff , it'll be fun. Its been pretty cold. but I can take it cause we bike everywhere so I usually sweat. We went to kampen and there was a super old like really tall church tower and its leaning a little off to the side. There were also a bunch of old sail ships. Most of the rivers that they have everywhere are frozen, people iceskate on them haha. Also we went down this tiny hill with a slay and some other thing like a big plate. Its pretty hardcore here and I can't wait to start teaching someone. The food the members have been feeding us has been extremly good so I've put on a couple of kilos. oops. I do work out every morning but I guess its just not enough. I will try harder though. Well there is a lot going on but yet nothing to tell.So I hope that I will have some cool stories to tell soon. I guess I'll talk to al├Żall next monday.\
Love you all. Bye.

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