Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hello everybody!

Ok so first things first, if I have not replyed to some I am very sorry its just my time is limited and I can only write so many letters and I've written a few but I am still working on replying to everybody. So thank you all for your wonderful letters. I really like getting letters from all of you. So I am also sorry if you asked me any questions and I never answered its just hard to remember everything and I always forget the letters when I write my e-mail or letters. I can't wait to go to europe cause than I am not in such a rush to write my e-mails. We had a huge service project on thanksgiving day where we made school bags for children we made like 33000 and I was one of the trainers and leaders who showed the Missionaries what to do it was really fun. So also for the morning devotional on thanksgiving Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came and talked to us.... It was sooooooo goood like I can't even tell you and all his grandchildren sang to us, it was so cute cause it reminded me of like the primary things at our ward at home. This whole last week has been awesome and I am learning more and more everyday. I feel like home, its gonna be reqally sad when we all leave and we (our district) are split. I mean we are in the same mission but who knows how often we will see eachother. We have a new teacher who is helping out alot his name is Broeder Jacobs and he really likes me and he is way cool (he just got back like 1 year ago). I've been waking up at 5;30 a few times now to work out with an elder who is in the army and there was an elder from the marines. Today the new Dutchies arrived and two of them are brazilian but their english is pretty good. There are 4 new elders and 1 new sister. The brazilians had a hard times getting visas they should have been here on sep 7th. Last night we heard from Sister Beck the general relief society pres it was really good. I mean all the talks are good. Oh also funny story a week or so ago I don't remember,while I was sitting I saw Ruth Ellis walk in with her family and I was like what? She went to Impact. Her husband spoke at one of the firesides. She is the daughter of one of the MTC president counselor or something. weird. So today Mike is here and I have  not seen him yet but I am so excited like the most excited since I have been here. I even walked outside for a while trying to see him get dropped off but I had to go cause we had to go do something. I have grown so much spiritually or maybe its just the MTC Spiritual Prisoneous feeling that we feel here. I am making a lot of friends and they are so cool. So I am learning a lot of new things here. pretty cool. So today I get to go to the temple again finally whooooooho. Oh and I learned a Dutch birthday song cause they don't use Happy Birthday to you .... like we do its a lot longer and way cool. I am still learning it. There is a bird inside the cafetiria and I almost caught it one time but it slipped my suit coat . Yeah it just had babies in the ceiling where the lights are. We have come to really like the Bird and it actually has a lot of names since no one can agree on a single name. Oh for my mission plaque I will send a letter with the photo and the scriptures tommorrow thannk you fro being patiant. Oh so I lost my notebook with all my notes from the wonderful talks and I just found it a week later. I am loving it and I am really coming to realize the fruits of this gospel and I cannot wait to go do the real work. You have no Idea. Oh yeah it snowed so its cold and snowy outside. Oh and that huge storm everyone was talking about did not hit us at all like there was no sign of it besides maybe the snow. I love you all. And I now have to go because my time is up. I love it here. My district is awesome and my teachers are the best and our branch presidency our so the best and you are all the best and thanks for all the letters. I am a deciple of Jesus Christ. I am!!!!!! I am Called from God to do his work!!! I know that now!!!!!!!! I can not express to you the love I have for the work that I have not even started yet. Byeeee

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