Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year!

The mission is great here in Zwolle and I am learning a lot! The other week or this week I can't even remember when I was like two feet away from a taxi that sped through a red light going way over the speed limit. I was on my bike and my light was red so when it turned green I decided to pass my companion who was on my right side so I sped up to pass him but someting told me (THE SPIRIT) to slow down. So I did and a taxi from my right side sped through the intersection and just about hit me. My companion was a few feet behind me, I shook and was in shock ( not literal shock) But I was like, had I not listened to the spirit the speed that that car had, I would have been killed. Crazy. Well besides almost dieing I had a good week and got some new investigators. For one guy who was a HQ referral we took a bus out into nowhere for like 30 minutes and than walked down a lonley road in the dark next to the ocean but a dyke sepperated us from it for a whole hour. It was a long walk and we did not even know if he was home since the referral came from Finnland. His mom opened the door and they let us in. Wow. We gave him a book of mormon and explained it and taught the first lesson in dutch. Even I taught in Dutch. His dad decided to join in the lesson. He is in his mid 20 and I know that they felt the spirit so we'll see what happens from here. And a few other people also decided to listen to us. We even taught a Muslim Lady which is usually not allowed but she claims to also be christian? The Members here in Zwolle are so awesome and we are booked for dinner appointments this week. Yeah. Our finding is ok but a lot of people don't believe in god and some say they are religious but not believers? So I got to get going cause my time is up and I was reading some e-mails. I miss everybody in all the continents that I know somebody in. Bye
Elder Ellis 

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