Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hey again!!

Thank you for all the wonderful letters that I have received. I am sorry if I hav not gotten back to everyone yet its just that I don't have that much time. As some of you may already know I received my travel plans to leave on December 16th!!!! I am so stoked right now. Ok so funny story: I was sitting in my class and I was tired of sitting in my chair so I decided to sit in someones elses chair. That chair was right next to the computer where Elder Benson was sitting. About 5 minutes after I sat there studying the scriptures I feel this liquid splashing over me staring from my sleeve working its way up till it sprayed me on the side of my face. I took my hand and wipped down my face to find blue color all over my hand. It turned out that Elder Benson had just opened his blue highlighter marker and it exploded or something all over me. He got a little on him but mostley me. It was really funny and luckely I was able to get it out of my white shirt. Oh man I am leaving in like 8 days its crazy. My dutch is ok but I am gonna be screwed for the first few days. haha. So our district ran into an old man from the netherlands while on a temple walk. We talked to him for a while. Also We talked to the two Ducth Senior couples that were at the MTC and they gave us a bunch o dutch treats. It was so good. We also did an activity with them by teaching eachother so it was good cause we always only teach young elders and sisters who we feel comfortable around. At the TRC we do get to teach returned missionaries and sometimes older people who went there long ago. My companion and I taught a lady who just came back from the netherlands the second lesson in dutch and it went really good. Now obviouslly she already knows the truth but as the spirit directed me I asked her to be baptized and she said yes as soon as she knows that its true.We had a speaker here not to long ago who said that if you want to know that this church is true and you want to have a testimony and want to feel the spirit than you have to work hard. As a missionary its easier cause you don't have all the worldly distractions but still we need to read every day in the scriptures, we need to pray with a sincere heart, we need to have faith that we will receive an answer. Jesus Christ is knocking on our doors. We have to open them and let him in and let the atonement of Jesus Christ the son of God work for us. I can't wait to teach this to people who are searching for this truth in their lives. I am having so much fun here that I can't even imagine leaving this place. Today I ran around with an orange and a green dot on my name tag so orange means your new and green means your international so most likely a non english speaker. So many people fell for it and were all like Welcome Elder. Or some would talk to me and I would act like I could'nt speak english and they believed me it was fun. Anyways. Something sad happened this week. One of the Elders in my District had to go home on short notice for medical reasons it was really sad. Our teacher cam back that night after that Elder left and we prayed together as a district on our knees. It was so powerful. Prayer is so powerfull if you have faith in Jesus Christ. Pray,Pray,Pray. All day when ever you can. Give thanks to he who has givin you all things. Also yesterday I had the oportunity to give a blessing and it was alos very powerful. I was litterally guided by the spirit. At first I thought I would not be able to do it but I opened my mouth with faith that it would be filled by the spirit and it was. It was a very cool blessing.

Elder Ellis

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