Monday, 20 December 2010

Hello everyone!

Well first off, flying was interesting and it sure took forever to get to Belgium. First there was something wrong with a "Probe" on the airplane but then they said that they would fix it and after like over an hour they let us get off to get some food while they fix it, two hours after that they said that they can't fix it and that we would be using a new airplane. So we had to go to a gate on the complete other side of the big Atlanta airport. I did have a few chances to talk to people which I did. One older German Couple and we talked about missions. They were very interested and they told me that our group of missionaries looked very happy and nice and that there was something about us..... Duhh...We are the Missionaries. They were nice. Then me and Elder Davies talked to a guy who was very smart. We talked about how bad the world is today and everytime when we said something he would either kindly interrupt or comment on everything we said. We introduced the book of Mormon and like I said before we were even done he interrupted and said "Oh I've already read that and the two other books that come with it. Wow how cool. He said that he new that the book of mormon real scripture is and that it contains the gospel of Jesus Christ. But than he said "but why are you young people out here trying to get people to read this book, What do you know" Elder Davies and I in perfect unity than explained that we were called of god and that we have his spirit and that we let people feel of that spirit to testify of the truth of what we are saying. He was silent the entire time and just listened. We had all his attention till they said we could board the plane. He totally felt the spirit. Well anyways, we got to the Belgium airport and there some missionaries and sister brubaker picked us up. President and Sister Brubaker are soo awesome and cool. He is extremely funny and nice well both of them but he is nice. So just so you know, about two weeks into the MTC we all threw a ball at the belgium/netherlands map to see where everyone was going. I hit Zwolle. So about that time was the time I knew that I was going to Zwolle. I would tell other missionaries even though they could care less. We always joked about it. Elder Davies got the ball somewhere in Belgium. Well at the mission home we were about to find out where we were going and they told us the areas that are open. The place in Belgium that Elder Davies chose was not open so he just said well I'm going to what ever is open in Belgium. Of course I said that I'm going to Zwolle. As my companion was the first to open his call out of us Elders he got Gent which is in Belgium. So Elder Davies was like ahhhh so he said that he would get Zwolle and I was like no you're not cause thats where I am going. Well once it came around for me to open my call I looked at the paper and just burst out into laughter. I said "I'M GOING TO ZWOLLE" withe Elder Wells who aparently is the best trainer. This is his last transfer so it will also be his best. We spent the night at the mission home with about 20 other Elders and a few sisters. In the morning the next day we left for our areas. We all got on one train and than got off at different stations. Time to say goodbye to all my good MTC friends. It will be hard. After switching trains to go to Utrecht its just me and Elder Andrews. When we get off in Utrecht there were no missionaries around to pick us up so we waited around for a while. We got cold so we went upsairs to the main train station. Still no one in sight. We walk around for quit a while going all over. Well we could not find them. So we decided just to wait by the information stand till they find us. ..... and more time... wel all of a sudden Elder Andrews is like I see them. Yeahh finally. I would of had no clue what to do if I didn't find them. Elder wells had to take another train to get to Zwolle which was a long train ride. And so packed that I had to stand the entire time with some really cute girl pretty much all up on me. Anyways it was super awekward like so tight inthere like you would only imagin in like India or Afrika. Oh and all our luggage too. So Zwolle is AWESOME but I am new here obviously and so is my Companion. We are white washing. We found our place and after we go back out to go walk around and do some finding we lock ourselves out. The adventure just keeps on getting better. Even before that we were riding our bikes back from the grocery store and Elder Wells decides to make a quick turn so I was about to hit him so I hit the brakes and I slipped and fell. It was a soft landing but it was super funny. Bytheway its been snowing like they said never before. Well its fun here. The ward is great. We are moving into a new church building from an office to an actuall building. We have no investigators so we have to do alot of finding. I can not understand anything. I'll talk later. 

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