Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Well Hello all Y'all

I have had a really good week especially since I've been preparing myself to leave. Its crazy to think about it, reality definatly has not hit me yet. I can't wait to eat some real good food at the airports but I mean the food here is ok. Today I went to the temple at 7 in the morrow. It was soo cool cause it was like the perfect way to start off the day. Broeder Jacobs showed us some stuff from his mission and told us a ton of stories, some which are scary that I will not mention cause it would probably worry you all. Anyways Thanks again for all your letters and boxes and what not. I got some really good treats from grandma Alaine. Man I can't wait. I am still tying to figure out some stuff with my luggage cause it was alittle overweight cause I have so many books. I had to buy like every Dutch book they had and an Arabic BoM. I will miss the MTC and all the Teachers and the people, the awesome gym time where everyone is together. man I played 4 square all the time and its the nerdiest game in the world, I mean not as nerdy as tether ball. Yesterday when I got into the 4 th square I retired so I would leave with the memory of being at my prime. All the Elders and Sisters in my DISTRICT ARE AMAZING I have learned lots from them even though they learned more from me haha. I am so excited to see real people who are not mormon at like the airports and to talk to them and start the mission work. Yes I will call but the Lords work is more important than a too long phone call cause I only have two years to have the authority given to me to be a representitive of Jesus Christ. I talked to some Elders all the time who are from Germany so I am getting back into German. I am also realizing how much I miss Austria and how much I love the German cultur. I am still a full on American Patriot but I'm just saying. Tonight we get to see all the pics from our teachers missions and here the cool stories. Iam super excited. I am a deciple of Christ. I appreciate all the encouragement from all you but I have noticed that I have Jesus Christ and Heavenly father on my side since I am doing their work in a way I sometimes think Ahhh you are all to kind but really you out there fighting every day life are the ones that need the encouragement because I don't have the worldly things distracting me. I have had a lot of time to think and I've realized that me being on a mission is the best thing in the world and so selfless because I am helping people accept Jesus Christ and seek Eternal Life. That is what this life is all about. All money is worthless because We will be judged acording to our deeds and not how much money we have or worked for. The question that we all should be asking ourselves is " What am I doing to help build the kingdom of God, How am I Strengthening the family and the true church of Jesus Christ." I love this work and there is no end to it. We live to receive our bodies and Be tested. We have all already sccepted Jesus Christ as our Savior or else we would not be here on this Earth, as missiononaries its our job to help people remember their decicion they made by letting them feel of the spirit of truth. Anytime someone tries to justify a rule or a commandment its probably wrong. As missionaries we learn to be excactlly Obedient. Obedience is an important principle. Well thats enough of my preaching its just I can feel the spirit testify of the truth all the time its awesome. Oh now some other stuff. I have a cough and I hope to get rid of it before I go but I doubt that that'll happen. I love you all who ever reads this. Man I am so excited to meet people and I already love them and want them to receive the gosple. Thanks again for all the letters and all anyone has done for me.

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