Monday, 23 July 2012

The Weather Sure Changes

Hello Y'all

So I had a good week. We have had the most dutch weather you could imagine, rain! sometimes the sun pokes through. Yesterday and today the sun is shining really bright, cloud free today to be exact. 
Last Monday we had a zone p-day where we went on a boat tour underneath a city called Den Bosch. It was cool and it rained the whole time.
We had a first lesson with a lady Monday night and she was so awesome and just super open to the Holy Ghost. We set a baptismal goal with her. The spirit was so strong.
Tuesday was fun we had District meeting where we supplied the food and the Andersons worked their magic and made a delicious meal.
Right now there are a lot of people on vacation which makes it hard to get appointments so we basically just find all day long talking to everyone. That is so much fun since I love talking to people but its still nothing like teaching a lesson to one of your investigators.
We had a couple of lessons with one lady who was preparing for baptism and I was sure that she was going to make it but for some reason all these concerns started coming up and she now disagrees with everything and is trying to teach us. It is so sad since we really care about her and love her. We had to drop her in the last appointment and tell her what our purpose is and that we don't come to argue with people but that we look for people who are open to learn more and find out for themselves if what we are teaching is true. 
I went on x-changes with Elder Hendrickson and it was so much fun, we talked to so many people. We had a great time and found a lot of potential people. 
It was a good week. Sunday was awesome, a lot of people were on vacation and we had no investigators in church but the 4 last baptized people were in church so it was good to see that they are strong and active. I also taught the lesson in Priesthood and both I and Elder Schulte gave talks. It went well. The Elders Quorum president also gave a fantastic talk. I love church.If you are scared go to church .If you are angry go to church. If you are sad go to church and if you are happy go to church.
I love you all and am so thankful for all of your support. Keep strong, be strong and .......uh
Much Love 
               Elder Ellis

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