Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Guten Tag

Hello Everyone

It has been another great week, we have had the greatest weather the last week which means that people seem to be more friendly and open in hearing the message. 
We have seen a couple miracles this past week especially in finding new investigators. We found a few people who are searching for the truth. They are so amazing and I already love them. One of the ladies we found is the niece of a member which is cool cause she told her aunt that if the missionaries would ever come by that she would talk to them. So we are now teaching her. Another couple people we found are also super cool and they are both really honest in finding the truth. The woman makes her own music about God and she uses Garage band which is what I used to use so there was a click right away.
Well you all probably would like to know what is happening for Transfers. Well at church I said bye to some people cause I thought that I would leave but I am staying with Elder Schulte. We are so happy. It has been 5 transfers since I've had a companion for more than one transfer.
Oh here is something funny, at church on Sunday a family form Germany came to visit and the bishop asked if I could translate for them. ha ha yeah funny bishop, I have not spoken real German for the last 5 or 6 years. Well I did it anyways and it was pretty messy. I really need to practice my German again. The speakers spoke super fast too so I had a hard time. It sure was an experience. 
They will be here again next week so I will have to translate again. Pray for me. ha ha
Well the missionary work is going great. I love my mission so much and am enjoying every minute of it. I hope that all is well at homes, and with all who read this. I love you all.
Love Elder Ellis

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