Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A New Mission President

Hello everybody!

Its been a great first week of the transfer. Elder Schulte and I are getting along very well.... we actually have to do our best not to laugh. The first day before we left our apartment we knelt down to pray and could not leave for like 10 minutes because we laughed so much that we could not start praying. Don't worry we are doing our best and we don't laugh in appointments. I would just like to add that I probably have never laughed so much in my life in such a short period of time. haha
   So this past week has been great. We are teaching some really cool people and especially a few who are so ready to be baptized and are progressing so much, I love them. We were at one of our investigators home who is from Columbia and it was pretty hot that day so she gave us little fans that you have to wave around with your hand it was funny. We all had a great time, it seems that I still entertain people. Some of you may be sad since I can´t entertain you but no worries I still do my thang, yeah word I keep it real.
We had a baptismal interview for one of our investigators and so we got to see President Brubaker one more time for the last time. It is sad that he is leaving. Matter of fact he is gone. This last week we were yelled at twice within a couple hours. As I was talking to a man on the street another man pulls up on his bike and starts yelling at us that Jesus Christ is the only way back to God, the man I was talking to walked away and honestly I first thought that the man on the bike was helping me and yelling at the guy I was talking to but as the man walked away I found myself standing alone with my comp being yelled at. He was saying that we were wrong and that Jesus is the only way. I was confused because that is what we think as well but obviously he was not fully aware of that. My comp walked away and was like "come on lets go". I remained standing pointing at the name Jesus Christ on my name tag. He than cursed me in the name of Jesus and the congregation that I belong to so lets just put it this way, I about walked up to him and physically stopped him but I than just walked away. Almost the same thing happened one hour later. Crazy day. Oh well that happens sometimes.
    We had a baptism on Saturday and Tony received the Priesthood on Sunday. It was a good week.
I love you all so much and miss you tons.
Love Elder Ellis

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