Monday, 27 June 2011

TT in Assen

Well Hello!
First off, we had the TT going on here in Assen, all of you who are big motorcycle fans should know what that is. It is the biggest event of the year here in Assen and its an international motorcycle race. Around 130 thousand people came from all over the world. All kinds of languages. For three nights in a row they had festivals going on till like 2 or 3 in the morning with a few different stages set up in different parts of the city. The stage in the centrum is the biggest and that is right next to where we live, so I think you all know where I am going with this. Yeah, no sleep till 3, three nights in a row. Because we could not sleep we just sat out on the balcony and enjoyed the concerts. It was so loud as if we were right there and the stage was not even facing us. So many drunk people were running around that it was fun watching them from our balcony. Well anyway, back to missionary topics..... uhhh.. Well work was slow especially cause of the TT and all the drunk people. We had really good member appointments and they really spoil us here in Assen. We helped out a couple of members with moving some washing machines and a fridge. On Thursday we had a few hours to work with our Branch mission Leader who is only 21. So that was a blast, we did look ups and all that stuff, we than went and had dinner with him and while we were sitting just eating this couple walked up to us and started talking to us because they know us. Well the missionaries in general that is, they started telling us that we were wrong and lost in the wrong church and started throwing out some anti crap at us so I we just nice and politely answered their concerns and briefly explained their anti stuff but focused more on bearing testimony and made sure we did not bash them, we did however have a comeback for all the stuff they said. I was surprised how much I knew and of course the spirit was guiding us and telling us what to say. On Saturday was the actual TT race and you could hear the motorcycles in every part of the city cause the were that loud. We were with a member and he turned on the TV to see the race and it was already over but an American won. Yeah. Ben Spees or something like that. Sunday was really fun too. We had a little Lunch after church where we all just hung out and chatted. Its been a good week, just a little slow and I was tired a lot. 
I love you all. 
Love Elder Ellis

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