Monday, 6 June 2011


So lets start like this "I'm leaving Zwolle!!!!" I am so happy and so sad. I love Zwolle, the members are so amazing and nice, they really took care of me and of course my comp. The investigators we have are also so amazing. Two will hopefully be baptized this coming transfer. You all are probably wondering where I am going. Well I am going to a city 45 min away with the train in the same district named ASSEN. Yeah its kind of a funny name. "Its a funny name.. sure it is" My new companion is Elder Johnson and I will be his last companion. I have heard that he is super Truncky ( excited to go home and non stop thinking of home) so I'll have to make sure he works hard. He is cool though cause I already know him since he is in my district. Man I will miss Zwolle it's pretty much become my Home. I want to live her someday... no I probably won't but its a nice city. The address for my new apartment is Mercuriusplein 105, 9401 DH Assen, Nederland.
Well let's see, I've already talked about last Monday. On Tuesday we went to District meeting which was really fun cause our district is so awesome. The Van Komens are the best, like seriously, they spoil us with delicious food and I get to enjoy it even longer. Our branch mission leader in Zwolle hasn´t come to church for a while and I am very worried and concerned for him. He is such a cool guy. We had dinner with Family Spijkerman and they are also so awesome and it was a lot of fun eating with them. We went to an investigator and talked to him about Healthcare and especially in America, let's just say he must watch Glen Beck a lot. It was awesome. On Wednesday we did finding outside the church with a big board that had a world on it and explained Lehi´s travel/ Book of Mormon. We talked to a few people and had some really cool conversations. We visited one of the coolest and most faithful and dedicated church members ever. The 90 year old Bro Samboe, he comes to church every Sunday and we visit him once a week. We usually sing with him and look at pictures with him from when he was younger. He is so awesome and I will miss him. One of our super positive investigators with a baptismal date is having a hard time with a couple commandments and I can tell Satan is really trying to stop her from being baptized. OK just to say, All the members here in Zwolle are awesome. There is an investigator who has been investigating for 4-5 years and ever since I've been teaching he did not want to pray and always refused to pray so we always just prayed and at our last appointment right as one of us was about to pray I had a feeling to ask him to pray and after I asked him he looked at me and said "What!" I was so scared that he would get mad at me so I humbly asked again "Do you want to pray?" He just said "Is Goed" (is good) and he than said an amazing prayer. We were so happy, I don't think I've ever smiled so much during a prayer. We went to a centrum for people fleeing other countries and we had some really good conversations. On Saturday we were a little disobedient cause we stayed at an appointment too long so we got home late. Sunday was a very good day. A man came who was referred by our branch mission leader. He was very interested and really participated in church. The Fast and Testimony meeting was great and I bore my testimony again and am so happy. We went to a members house after church for a little party for a baby blessing. There were a lot of non members and we talked to a lot of people especially about being missionaries and what we do. I talked to an American guy who is a Chiropractor and there were two other Chiropractors and I totally forgot to ask for an adjustment. My Comp and I did a presentation and explained the Priesthood and why the father of the baby was able to give the blessing and not a preacher. We also ate dinner with them. You can forget my study this morning cause I was so anxious to know where I am going that I just sat around freaking out. Elder Kettler has been an awesome Companion and we have got to know each other a little too well, like we finish each others sentences and I always know what he is thinking and he knows what I am thinking. I have learned a lot from him and we had a lot of fun. Man Zwolle has been my mission so far, I can't imagine being in another city. Ahh Crazy. I have to know that this Gospel is true and that Jesus Christ lives, both he and our Heavenly Father love us so much that they have reached out to us in love and called a prophet 190 years ago to restore the church of Jesus Christ. We have 15 Apostles today and one of them has been called to be the president of the church. I love the gospel and Our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary. Its the best experience I've had so far. I get to talk to so many wonderful people and see the gospel bless so many. I love this work, its fun, a learning experience, and a spiritual booster. I love my Mission. 
Ilove you all and thanks for all the support.
Love Elder Ellis
Once again my new address:
Mercuriusplein 105
9401 DH Assen
Netherlands/ Nederland

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