Monday, 20 June 2011

Well Hello Everybody

My week has been great. Missionary work wise its been pretty slow. Last Tuesday was slow since my comp sprained his ankle so he had to rest some so we have really been able to get to know each other. He is a really cool guy. We have so much fun and laugh more than ever. When he was on the phone with another missionary I heard him say that he has never laughed so much on his mission. So that was cool to hear. Wednesday we were able to work a little more. We did finding and what not and than ate dinner with the branch Presidents Family. They are a really cool family and we had fun with them, also their young kinds are cute and just so funny. On Thursday an appointment with a new investigator fell through so we were a little bummed about that. On Friday we got a ride with the Van Komens down to Apeldoorn to go to a zone training. Zone training went well, we talked a lot about the spirit and getting appointments with all those we talk to. Its always a blast to meet up with all the other missionaries. We had fun and one of the members in Apeldoorn made the most Delicious sandwiches ever. He usually cooks for us when we are in Apeldoorn for zone trainings. After the training I went on X-changes with Elder Merrill who works up in Heerenveen. We rode up with the zone leaders since zone leaders, assistants to the president and senior couples are the only ones with cars, we normal missionaries have to bike everywhere. We worked hard in heerenveen and did some door to door contacting and than had a lesson with a really cool lady and her boy friend. It was so cool because I was the senior missionary cause Elder Merrill is 3 transfers younger than me. I felt so cool. A member went on joint teach with us and she is so cool and nice. After that appointment we went to her house to hang out with her family. Family Stein is really cool, we sat around and talked and just laughed and had fun. When we shared a spiritual message one of the daughters who is 17 shared an experience she had at efy and like bore her testimony. It was cool to see that there are youth who have testimonies and are so strong in the Gospel even in a little branch like Heerenveen. It is cool to see strong families in the Gospel. On Saturday we had another full day together in Heerenveen and we did a ton of finding and had some really cool conversations with people. We than took the bus to Groningen where we switched back to our companions. From there we rode the train back to Assen. Oh at the train station while we were waiting for our companions these 4 sorta drunk people approached us and asked us about our name tags. It turned out to be a good conversation and they were very funny so we just had fun talking to them. In this transfer I have really loosened up so I just love talking to people. On Sunday we went to church and there were only around 15 people in church if even. It was a nice meeting. I got to know that members a little better. Our Branch mission Leader is really cool and fun and he is our age so that makes it even better. We than ate rode out to one of the members to eat with them and they live really close to Germany so we drove in and looked around in Germany for a little. I was in Germany! We ate dinner with them and looked at google maps and showed them where we lived. It was cool. The daughter of that family was in Utah for an exchange year and met Jacob Schenk my awesome cousin who two of the people I have met hear in the Netherlands know. Her name is Roxan Luberink. We barely than caught our train and made it back to Assen just on time to go to an appointment. We met at a members house and had their friend come and we taught her and it was a very good lesson and she wants to get baptized so we set a date with her. We had a good week and it was just so much fun. Especially when I was in Heerenveen at the Steins house. No but seriously, its been a good week. The ipad2 is very cool. I love you all and miss you.
Love Elder Ellis

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