Monday, 31 January 2011

Well Hello Again

This week are transfers and I am staying in Zwolle! My new companion will be Elder Kuttler but here in the mission his nametag says Elder Kettler because there is a funny story behind that. It has been really good serving with Elder Wells and I will miss him and I have learned a lot from him. Earlier this week I got sick so I've been working all week to recover and am still working on it. We had a sweet lesson with a guy from Togo and he really seems interested. Missionary work is defianatly super hard and when people say its the hardest thing in the world but the best thing they wer not lying. It can be really hard to have to go out when its cold and when no one wants to listen but once you find some one who is ready to receive the gospel its the best thing in the world and you just feel the love of God. Well for some reason there is so much happening but yet I can't think of to much to say. I am still waiting for those Mission Miracles. They will come because now that Elder Wells has trained me, Elder Kettler and I are gonna tear up Zwolle. Zwolle will explode with the gospel that we'll have to get an even bigger church building. Yep thats about it. We are biking hardcore all the time. There is sooo much work to be done here and all over the world, we need so many more missionaries because just in Zwolle are like 150 thousand people or so and two missionaries, on average we talk to 150 people per week and its super hard to talk to everybody cause we are so busy. I love you all.\
Elder Ellis

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