Monday, 17 January 2011


Well Hello
I am sorry that I won't be able to write to much today. I kinda ran out of time. Well everything is going great over here and I am meeting all kinds of people. Like a week ago I contacted a guy and asked him what he thinks the purpose of life is and he just walked away a little frustrated. A few days later we passed him and he turned around and walked right up to me a foot away from my face with alcohol breath right in my face and said that he has been thinking about what I asked him and he went on for like 3 minutes non stop telling me that I won't find that answer and that I should stop looking for an answer because he has been looking but realized that if you can't find an answer that you should get rid of the question. And he than just walked away. So there are some strange people. We are teaching a guy from Curacao who was found when Elder Demoss a long time ago played his bagpipe. The man wanted to give the Elders money but they gave him a Book of Mormon instead. They lost contact after a few lessons and we found him again. Super cool guy. The members here in Zwolle are so cool and nice they really take care of us. We also had zone conference this week and it was really cool to see all the other missionaries and Elder Andrews, Elder Jones and Sister Rich who were in my MTC group. The food is always amazing. The day after zone conference Elder Wells and I went to the stake yearly planning session where all the leaders from the whole stake were. We had to represent our mission. No worries though we did not have to say anything we just had to know what was going on to be able to report to the President. It was so cool and it felt like another zone conference because they really want to focus on missionary work. Our new church building here in Zwolle was packed. Well on a mission there is not enough time at all. This week I have to go to Brussels and I get to see my MTC group cause we have to take care of some legality stuff. I love it here. Yesterday we contacted someone at his door and he is not religeous but just the night before he wonderd if there was a god and than we show up so he felt the spirit super strong now we just have to see what happens. I don't have more time sorry. I love you all and i am sorry if I cannot write any individual E-mails. I read everyones e-mails but I don't have time to write back.

My addresse right now is
Rommestraat 79
8015 AS Zwolle

I will most likely be in Zwolle for a couple more transfers and if not I get mail that was sent to the wrong apartment at district, zone or any other meeting.
Thank you!
Elder Ellis

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