Monday, 10 January 2011

Well Hello

Its that time of the week again and it feels like yesterday that I sat here writting my e-mail. I am very glad that my truck was able to be sold and that was around what I expected to get rid of it for. Make sure Devon gets what he needs to make up for what he did for me. I have no time. Like I thought a day had 24 hour but I must have been wrong cause time just is the worst enemy for missionaries. I also think its funny that what you guys know about last week changes so fast. like I'll have an investigator and the next day he gets dropped and than its like what? what ever. So all my clothes are fitting good and I feel bad for complaining at first but its all good now. Oh before I forget can you write Dylan Lawter to send him Lauren Burgess' address or did I already ask you this? Hmm. Well School is back in over here so Zwolle is something completely different now ( where were all the people over the holidays?) Trains are packed and so are buses. Mostly girls cause there are more girls studying than guys it seems. Or guys just drive cars IDk. I went to a Sinter Klas museum which must have been the smallest museum in the wrold it was under someones store in a like ww2 type of jew hiding place. It was tiny but there was a large collection of items that have anything to do with Sinter Klas which is the Dutch Santa Clauss you could say except he comes on Dec 6 with zwarte pete. A little different over here. We talk to some interesting people and most have no time or don't believe in God. On Friday we had our interviews with the President it felt so good to see him and his wife. I learned a lot from that district meeting. We had a lovely lunch and than took a two hour train back to Zwolle from Groningen which is really up north. On Saturday we talked to a guy for who is a born again christian for like over 3 hours which totally did not go anywhere. He is convinced that the bible is all he needs. Next time something like that happens we will just cut it short. We had a lot of dinner appointments with members this week and man it is so good and its a total dutch thing to always eat a tutje (dessert). Well... oh the other day when we were on our way home from Branch council meeting I saw a lady get hit by a car but she was fine and did not want any help. It tuns out she hit the car. The Members are so awesome and I told them that but that we all need to work harder as missionaries since as full time missionaries it is our duty to help the members do missionary work. Man time goes by so fast and I am once again at an end. I do love it here and I am working hard.
Bye Elder Ellis

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