Monday, 7 February 2011

Alrighty then...

Here we go. So the beginning of the week was really cool getting to spend a few more days with Elder Wells as a missionary. It was fun, he is a, well was a very good Missionary. I did not realize how much I learned from him till he was gone. even though we are very different in many ways, I really look up to him and appreciate his patiance that he had with me. I learned so much. My new companion even said that the way I contact is like Elder Wells... haahah. Well I am feeling really good about my dutch but now my german is suffering because of it. Well thats what happens. This week we did a ton of finding (with my new companion) but did not really find anyone who is interested except for a few. I am also learning a lot about my self and am noticing things about my self that I want to change and improve on because of working with my new companion. We get along great but for some reason when we go contacting it does not go as great. Oh his name just means something bad in Dutch. Sorry that I jump around so much its just I have a lot on my mind and not much time. This week has been VERY interesting. Man it really sucks when people don't show for appointments or are not home. Oh because I took over Zwolle meaning I know the city and my new companion does not I feel a lot more responsibility and I am doing a lot of the phone calls now and I can actually understand the people. I always get to lead and be in charge of the map. Yeah. Fun. Well It has been super windy the last couple of days that when we bike somewhere it takes us twice as long to get there. It nearly knocked me off my bike a few times. Crazy. Well I don't have any crazy storys yet but they will me. It is good to hear from all of you (both america and Austria) and I am very glad that things are going well. My cousin in austria had a baby.. how crazy. I can not even imagine that because all I can think of is this life right now. Oh it was way cool I bore my testimony at church again and this time I could say exactally what I wanted to say cause my dutch is better. There is a lady in my branch who has a way sweet dialect and so when we sing, because she sings loud I try to sing like her. I know that sounds weird but it sounds so cool. Once again time is not a friend of Missionary work. I am so busy and then there are times when we can't think of what to do cause appointments fall through and yet we find a ton to do. Those of you preparing for Missions, do it now, how I wish I was better prepared. I love hearing from home about how people are coming closer to the Lord. That is so important cause Why are we on Earth? Well Time is about up and I got to go. I miss you all. I love getting mail but don't feel forced. By the way I am sorry if I don't write as much back its just hard to find time to write. I love you all.
Elder Ellis

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