Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Day of Forgiveness

I want to start off on something that I have learned over the past couple of weeks. Atonement is an action performed by our savior Jesus Christ, it includes the suffering in the garden of Gethsemane, the death on the cross and the Resurrection after 3 days. This act made it possible for us to conquer sin and overcome death. We learn from the scriptures that all people who have lived on earth, live or will live will resurrect. However forgiveness of our sins is something that we have to accept. Forgiveness plays a huge part in the atonement. Why? Jesus Christ stated in his example prayer, "Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors." When we ask for forgiveness and repent the Atonement is applied, but when we choose not to forgive someone else we work against the Atonement. How can we be forgiven when we can't forgive someone else. It is hard for me to put in words but my experience is that forgiving someone is really hard but once it is done it is more gratifying and relieving than if I receive forgiveness for something I did wrong. Most of the time people don't mean to hurt us and even if they do we are hurt even more by not forgiving and carrying it around like a heavy chain everywhere that we go. I have not mastered this and I don't mean to sound wise, its just something that I have learned and that I have a testimony of. I love you all.
   On Tuesday I went on x-changes with a former companion of mine, Elder Da Cruz the Brazilian. He is super cool and I miss him as a companion even though we work in the same city and I see him at least 2 or 3 times a week. We had a great x-change.
But you know this entire week has been a little slow and even though I worked hard it was hard and really hot and I felt lazy. I still worked hard but I am not sure about the extra mile.
   On Wednesday we had a Zone Leader council and it was a really good one, Our new Mission President Robinson is great. We had a council where w discussed certain challenges in the Mission and we came up with some really good solutions. I love it.
There was this little white bird that ran around the back yard of the mission home and after one of the Elders tried catching it I used my bird catching skills that I acquired in Arizona from catching pigeons, ducks, geese, and Peacocks and caught the little thing it was then passed around to pet. It tasted really good for lunch... just kidding, we ate it for dinner....hahah that is also a joke.
   I just want to give some credit to the office Elders cause they are really cool.
This whole week we have had some really good dinner appointments with Members. I love the members. It is also going good with the recent converts.
   Friday was a good day, a day where I matured an entire year within one night. I am now 21 what? One of the sister cities in our zone had a long awaited baptism which was great. yeah baptisms!!! One of my birthday gifts was the 5 new solid investigators that we received. All in one day, we had a drought for a couple of weeks but the Lord is merciful. These 5 new people are incredible.
   Sunday was great as well Church was really hot, it got 38 degrees Celsius. We went to Gouda where the famous cheese comes from and we did some finding in the centrum since we went there for a meeting with the young single adults but we did not want to stay for the singles ward. It was extremely hot. Later we went to a family for dinner who lives close to Gouda.
   Well there goes another great week. I miss you all and love you.
I know that Jesus Christ lives and that the Atonement is real. I know that his church is restored and that it is lead by a prophet of God. I love the gospel.
Much Love, Elder Ellis

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