Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It is Queens Day

Today is queens day so everyone is wearing orange because in the past the royal families name was oranje which means orange in Dutch.
However we started our day off today going to Belgium to go to Brussels cause my comp had to take care of something there. It was so cool especially cause most people there speak french so I understood nothing. We went and checked out some cool tourist sights, and having a car definitely made that easier. We ate a Belgian waffle and a Swedish member ran into us. That was cool especially cause we don´t know her yet we spoke to her as if she was just family.
It was super busy and the city was packed with tourists, a ton of Germans too and a few Austrians.
  So this past week was amazing. The entire zone smashed it, we had just a really good week and we had the most baptisms in a month since President Brubaker has been here in the whole mission of course.
Sunday was such a good day. We had 4 investigators come to church and they really liked it and all the lessons and talks were aimed at investigators and why the gospel is important, which also motivated the members to do Missionary work.
   So there is the coolest girl ever here in Rotterdam who will be baptized on Sunday. The Elders before me started teaching her and I just took over so I only got handed over the awesomeness. She is the man.. I mean the girl. She has made so much progress and its cool to see her make this awesome choice to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. She is only 19.
I am not sure why but the Lord is blessing us tremendously. We need the Lord cause without him it is impossible. I talk all day which I have always done the only difference is that it is with 25ish different people instead of only a few. It is humbling to see how even when you stumble over your words that people feel the spirit when they hear the message of the restored Gospel. I am not that great of a public speaker especially since I hate attention...... :) I love this work so let no one shirk  and put your shoulder to the wheel. I love you all and I gotta go.
Thanks for all the support.
Love Elder Ellis

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