Monday, 14 May 2012

This Last Week

It has been such a good week. 
Oh hi ya'll

On Monday we had an appointment with a lady who is the aunt of a famous soccer player named Seedorf or Zeedorf. It was cool.
On Tuesday I had a couple really cool appointments with people that I will definitely miss from north.
For transfers me and Elder Da Cruz got to make the transfer plans that means we had to figure out where all the missionaries will be going and we arranged it so that the missionaries never have to travel alone which was fun to do but also a lot of work. We then also had to get everyone to there cities after they got to the station in Rotterdam. There are 4 main meeting points for transfers where the Zone Leaders wait and get everyone going. It all went pretty smooth.
I then went to Rotterdam South to my new area. We already had a dinner appointment with some members there and I met my new ward mission leader. I also met this cool family of a single dad with 4 kids 3 of them are girls and they range between the ages 6 to 11 so that is a hand full. 
We had a pretty cool week. We had one appointment with an older man who was very set on the bijbel but was open to learn more about the Book of Mormon. The entire time I tried to answer his concerns and questions till I was humbled by my companion who just stuck to our plan that we had made before going in. From then on we taught the Restoration and testified and the spirit was so strong that I know that he felt it too. The message of the restoration and an invitation to be baptized is what really brings the spirit. I learned my lesson.
We also got a tour of a Mosque or however you say that in English. It was very nice. We also were invited to another church which was nice but I know that the gospel has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.
It was a good experience.
Well the rest of the week was good. Thanks for all the support. I love you all.

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