Monday, 2 April 2012

GC was awesome!

Hey Everybody
I am doing good! So no worries there and I for sure hope that everybody else is doing good too.
General Conference was awesome like always and so inspiring. I learned so much. One of our amazing investigators came and he really liked it and I just exploded of joy inside every time I saw him nod his head at something one of the speakers said.
My new comp Elder Da Cruz is awesome its hilarious cause he speaks like 5 languages and every time he talks to someone in French, Spanish, or Portuguese I just stand there and look around day dreaming about Golf, no jk I think of stuff like what I will say in a certain lesson or how I should just leave the conversation and talk to all the other souls around me. Yeah I really am a missionary now. Well most the people we run into (not with the car, I am talking about when we are walking and not literally running into them its just an expression OK) so one day we contact a guy and he just replied "Deutsch" I could not believe it I rejoiced inside that I would finally be able to use a language that my companion did not speak. I started talking to the guy in German when I realized that  have failed in keeping up my German, I am sure he got the gist of the message. Elder Da Cruz now for the first time knows what its like to not know whats going on. Well it has been a good week. The spirit is real and does guide us if we listen. General Conference is so cool and so important. We claim to have a prophet and apostles receiving divine revelation and they do, we must listen and follow their council. Think of the people who would do anything to listen to God's voice. We have so why not share it and feast upon the words of living day prophets.
I love you all and wish you the best Easter while our thoughts are centered around Christ and his atoning sacrifice.
Love Elder Ellis

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