Monday, 23 May 2011

I'm Alive

Sorry that I did not write last week its just when we went to write our e-mails we found out that the Library would be closed till the following week so we went to another library the next day but it turns out that its from the same business chain. I am fine, not hurt or in any way not doing good. So I am doing great. Well I don't even remember what happened last week, hmmm.... let me see. Well we just had a ton of awesome lessons and actually had an excellent week. We almost reached the standard of excellence by one member present lesson. We could not get one to save our lives. Actually on Sunday we were trying to figure out how we can teach someone with a member present when an inactive member walked up to us and started talking to us, I was about to pull someone walking by in to our conversation and teach with the inactive member present. It did not work out. Man the members here are so good at cooking, I mean they just spoil us. I always eat so much cause its just so good. We did service for a lady who has had the missionaries do service for her the last 30 years. She told us that she will not be baptized. We had to tell her that we can no longer do service for her because she is using us and she just said "It doesn't matter, in a year when you are both gone I will make contact with the new missionaries to come help me." She is a super nice lady and gives us food, its just we can spend our time better. Our time is precious. One of our investigators found some info on the Internet so we had to explain that and it was a tough lesson telling him that we are the only church that holds authority ( the priesthood) given from Jesus Christ. A couple of investigators dropped us but we made up by finding more. Yeah. Church was really good last week. We met with an inactive member who is American so we heard some sweet stories from him, he is a really cool guy.
Now for this last week.
Well it started good and on Wednesday we had a zone training which was really good. It was really fun. We have a senior couple in our  zone named Bush. So he kept making jokes like "I went hunting with my uncle George" Or he told stories about his uncle and was like "My other uncle, not Uncle George" It was another really busy week and just so awesome. One of our investigators Stella who is actually really close to being baptized is so awesome and sweet. She gave us some food to go and it was this delicious Indonesian food. We had a sweet appointment with a young dutch family who came to the open house. They have two little kids and would be perfect. We taught them the restoration and when we asked when we could come back they said that they just wanted to know what we believe and that they really like family home evening so they will try doing that in their church. Hmmm well we or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at least inspired them. cool. We had two really cool nice Muslim guys pull us over and had a good conversation. I really respect them and they respect us. Sunday was just awesome, we had 4 investigators stay for sacrament meeting and had also two come just for the first two hours. It was really good. The rest of Sunday was hard cause for a change we had no appointments whatsoever. So we did a ton of finding but did not have much motivation. It was good though, it just felt like a super long day. Today is such a beautiful day. We did a ton of cleaning, I had a good workout, and we get to e-mail. We also have district meeting tomorrow which I am really looking forward to. I am doing awesome and I really appreciate all of your letters and prayers. The first Sunday of June I and all the Europe missions and members in Europe will be fasting for missionary work and have been asked ( the members) to bring at least one friend to church for every week in June. I would like you all to also participate. This will be amazing and I know if we all do that that the work will increase. I love you all and am so happy to be a servant of the lord. I know that my redeemer lives and that his church has been restored through his servant the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that families can be forever. In the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.
Love Elder Ellis

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