Monday, 9 May 2011


Hey Everybody.
Well its been another good week. I love my new district and we always have so much fun. Unfortunately we had a positive investigator drop us. He learned a lot from us but wants to believe his own way. There is a young guy well in his 20's who is really cool and is very religious. He is going to college and he asked from himself if we could come more to talk to him so we can see he is interested. Family De Jonge is really cool and so nice. The Father of that family is our Branch President and a cop. We had a good time with them. When we ate dinner with them a friend of his came who has been to Arizona and Vegas and also Death Valley. So we talked about that and it brought back memories of the beautiful desert. Even though I've only been to Death Valley once and that to pick up two ginormous Full grown palm trees, also to drink a date shake. Even if the ride home took 3 times as long it was fun. In our consecrated hours of Finding we seem to almost always find someone who has a little interest. May 5th was a big day here in the Netherlands. It was Freedom day or something like that. They had one of the biggest festivals in all of the Netherlands here in Zwolle. That not only means that there were young people everywhere ( 100 of thousands) and let me tell you there were so many cute girls. Music was super loud you could hear it where ever you went. Also everyone ended up being drunk by the end of the day. These two guys in their 20's wanted us to go party with them so we I'm just kidding. We instead started talking about Jesus Christ and they to my surprise really liked talking about that. It was so hard cause I really wanted to go to the Festival but I was like no its probably expensive. The next day I found out that it was free. I could have talked to so many people about the gospel and rocked out to the jk. This Indonesian lady is making a lot of progress and is so sweet. She makes us really good food. Unfortunately it turns out that she might have Leukemia. On Sunday we had the coolest lady from the Dutch Antilles with her fiancee. They liked it. 3 investigators in church. Also a family from Alpine Utah came. As we were talking it turned out that they know Jacob Schenk. Hahah what a small world. Their name is the Whales. They are the neighbors of Elder Leashman or something like that. Who is serving in Austria. After church we found a really cool guy and he let us in to talk more, he wants us to come back. And then we waited for our families to call us and we were so excited and nervous to talk to them. It was a very special Mothers day.Thank you so much for all the support. I love you all.
Love Elder Ellis

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    -love brody.