Monday, 4 April 2011

Noch eine Woche

Man it has been such wonderful weather and actually really warm, except for a couple of days when it rained. The district I am in is so cool. It may be small but it is awesome. We always have to take a train up to Groningen which is an hour away but when we get there the van Komens (the senior couple) always have a delicious lunch prepared or I help till it is prepared. We had a great lesson with two of our investigators and one of them is 15 and wants to be a rapper so I think that's awesome cause I see myself a few years ago. We had a sweet lesson with a guy who owns a skate shop and who has backpacked the world and I would love to do that also but instead I just backpack the Netherlands. It is always sad when you have to drop someone because they are not making progress or are no longer interested. We had a few this week. Just to be honest we have really cool investigators and I am so happy for them that they are excepting the message from Jesus Christ. One of our investigators came to 30 minutes of the Saturday general conference. General Conference was so cool and it was like the Superbowl of missionaries. There were so many cool things said and I felt the spirit strong and sitting in Apeldoorn with almost all the other missionaries from our zone and Elder Brown who was my MTC comp. It was fun. 

I have been asking myself "Do I support the Prophet and the Apostles and all the other general authorities? Then why don't I do all the things they say. It is revelation from God." I am now working on applying all the things they have counseled on in my life. It won't happen in a day but it is a process that will take this whole life time. We are not on this world to be good people but to become perfect like Jesus Christ. I know we cannot become perfect while on this earth but we can work and do to come closer. I like how in conference it was said that being a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not easy, that is because much is required of us. Well I am learning how to work harder on becoming more Christ like and am setting my faith on the foundation of Christ. As I was writing my email to the Mission president someone next to me was reading what I wrote on my screen and he saw"The Book of Mormon" so he asked about it and then like him and another guy where kind of talking bad about us and our faith around a lot of other people also being in the library but I just thought of the wonderful truths that I know of and I got a warm feeling inside and I felt sorrow for them, my comp and I tried to share the wonderful message with them but it did not work. I however did not feel ashamed. Why? Because I know what we were sharing with them was true. Its like in the dream of Lehi where the people who partook of the fruit looked around in shame but we have no need to be ashamed. I am happy to be on a mission and to have the gift of the constant companion that is only through the power of the Priesthood to be able to be given. I Love this work. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he has restored his church again through the prophet Joseph Smith, I know that this missionary work is the most important work besides temple work. We are all missionaries like it was said in the conference "something like this "Share the gospel and if use words". I will let people learn from the example I am in living the Gospel, I leave my testimony with all of you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Ellis  

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