Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hey I'm Still Alive

I am sorry that I did not write yesterday, it was just hard after saving a baby from a burning house to get to a computer on time. No I am just kidding. So we went to the Library yesterday and they said that their computers did not work, they are also the only library in Zwolle that is open on Mondays that we know of. Yeah so I am writing today. I am sorry if any of you were worried but you don't ever need to worry because whatever happens happens and I'll be fine. So Last Monday night we had a good lesson with an investigator who supposedly did not like being taught (according to the teaching record) but we have been teaching her and she likes it and even wants to pray to see if what we say is true. Tuesday we just had the sweetest District meeting again and after, we went on exchanges. I went back to Zwolle with Elder Crittenden. We had a really good hour of finding going along some doors. We taught 3 lessons in one hour and we taught in perfect unity, the spirit was so strong and we just had fun. One of the guys we taught opened the door and started talking bad about us and that we are from Salt Lake, we however just asked him well what have you heard and turned it into a conversation, he ended up softening his heart and we had a good talk. He changed from being mad to happy and joking around with us, even if he did not want to accept our message now we sure made his day better. We went to an investigators house and listened to some of the rap that he makes, it was sweet ( yeah I know I sould not listen to music like that but it was for an investigator). We had a sweet lesson, well more of a what we all want to do in the future. It was just such a fun lesson. We than rushed to the next appointment to a sweet surfer guy. We ate dinner with him and talked about the book of Mormon. So Elder Crittenden got home a little late and around at 10 before we were about to go to bed someone rang on our door and I picked up the phone thingy and a voice said "Its Elder Kettler let me in" He than ran up and started telling us that Elder Crittendens Comp, a greany, ran away and that he has the phone. We like freaked out and went to call the Mission President but he than said  "No I am just kidding" What really happened was that Elder Kettler and Elder Guanuna left their phone at a members house and when they were on their way home they realized that Elder Crittenden who was with me had the keys to their apartment. So they could not call us so they just came to Zwolle. The other apartment is over an hour away in Heerenveen or something like that. So we were laughing about what happened and talked a little to loud that one of our neighbours came and complained. We had a sick sleepover. The next morning we just had a big study together. After X-changes Elder Kettler got sick and at the end of the week I got it too. We have been working on giving invitations out to inactive members for the open house for our new church building. It was a good rest of the week and yesterday was a really warm day. Well I miss you all love you all.
Love Elder Ellis

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  1. Hey Elder-

    Sounds like your smacking people around with the spirit! Rock on!