Monday, 18 April 2011


Well to first say that this was also a really good week and we really saw success. All week long we have been handing out Invitations for our open house. We looked all the members who are inactive in our area. So there is a guy who is so much like me, so his mother says and he himself. So I think that's cool, too bad we can't just hangout. We taught some really good lessons with the spirit. You know the week was good and all but the highlight was Saturday when we had the open house. Elder Crittenden and Elder Guanuna came down to help us, almost all the members were there. We were not sure as to how many people would come. When we officially started it people just started coming and Elder Kettler and Elder Crittenden started teaching about the Book of Mormon because they had a presentation set up while the other Elder and I stood around and answered questions and handed out materials. It was a beautiful day and we as Elders taught 30 lessons with member present and around 100 people came throughout the 5 hours that we had it for. It was so cool and fun. We got 7 new investigators from it and half of them are really positive. On Sunday two of the new investigators came to church and stayed for all three hours and really liked it and said that they felt something really good. Also on Sunday we were going from door to door in this richer neighborhood and talked to 20 who had no interest. We were about to leave when I saw one more house in the corner which was bigger than all the other houses, first thought was 'na they are to rich' but than I felt the spirit prompting me to go contact them and I had a feeling that they would listen and that they would want to know more. A women opened the door and says that she knows that we are Mormons because her husband was in salt lake city before. She than excepted to learn more about the book of Mormon. We will come back in two weeks to see what she thinks. I hope that she will know that it is a true book. Today is actually not a P-Day except for writing my e-mail, because we are going to the temple tomorrow and than keukenhof which is the place with all the tulips. Well that's about it and that I will probably leave Zwolle in a week and a half. I love you all.
Elder Ellis

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