Monday, 7 March 2011

Hello my fellow Latter-day Saints

Where do I begin... Well lets say last week on monday for P-day we played soccer in the evening with the young men and that was so much fun, I am a little out of practice. I was sore for the next couple days. Totally worth it though. Man at our district meetings we have this senior couple the van Komens, and they always cook for us and it is so delicious. We are teaching the older man and it is very spiritual and he has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. We brought a member and they got a long right away. It seems that right now we are teaching a lot of smokers cause we always smell like smoke cause their houses are filled with smoke. We eat lunch with an older couple that speak german and they make really good like traditional german food. it is so good. They had their tv on at first and it showed skispringen and that reminded me of all the memories I had when I was younger and we only had 3 channels on tv so during the winter all I could watch was winter sports. We went to help one of our investigators with her floor, we walked in and her two younger sisters (22, 19) were there and also her good friend. We taught them all and they are all interested and we actually have an appointment for tonight. So awesome, they also want me to rap for them but we will see. This one investigator who we have visited 4 times always wears his pants low and he is like 50. Now he gets up a lot while we teach to grab random things cause I think he is always drunk and his entire butt shows. Its kind of .. no really nasty. We had a lot of success finding this week but we mostly just talked to really cool people who however have no further interest for us to come back. for the first time someone let us in from going from door to door. They were so nice. My bike broke last week so I am on my 5th bike. Luckily I just got hand-me-downs. Now I am borrowing a bike so I need to buy one. We did a mini MTC for the youth well the youth leaders, we were just invited to talk about and share mission stories. It was so much fun and we just had a great time with the youth. We went all the way out to Emmen again for a member appointment but after having been on the train for an hour we got a text that it won't go through. So we just looked up some guy who does not live at the address that we have. And since we were already there we ate at Burger King while trying not to watch the music videos that are playing on tvs on every wall. It was great. Church was great and I blessed the sacrament in Dutch for the first time. Oh and I bore my testimony again. This time I was able to say a lot more. The weather has been great and sunny the last couple of days. So awesome. Its still a little cold. Right now there is a guy in the library who always is here when we are here and he laughs the entire time while either reading the normal newspaper or while on the computer, the weird thing is he always looks at me and then laughs and says something I can't understand cause his voice is deep and he mumbles. I am doing great and my testimony has been growing a lot. I love my mission and I am having a lot of fun. I miss you all and love you all.
Love Elder Ellis

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