Monday, 28 February 2011

My Week

Well Hello Again,

This last week was really awesome. I think the most effective day I've had so far was my P-day on monday. We just had a really good, nice chillaxing P-day till after dinner. We had an appointment with a member for just like 15 minutes, than we had 2 appointments at the same time so we went on splits with some members. Both lessons went really well and the spirit was strong. We than had another member lesson. 4 lessons in one evening. On wednesday we had a really cool church tour with an investigator and she wants to get baptized but not sure yet when cause she does not want to rush into anything. We talked to some interresting people this week. There is a member who is over 80 and we visit him a couple times a week and sing hymns with him either in dutch or spanish usually in spanish cause thats the only book he usually has. I went on an exchange with my district leader and so we went al the way to groningen to exchange and there we ate luch together which was way fun. We went to the centrum in Zwolle to do some contacting and ran into a large group of about 60 people from another church. They started throwing trash at us and spit on us and yelled at us.... no I'm just kidding, but a couple of young girls came up to us and asked us why our nametags are black with white letters and not white with black letters. That than turned into a asking us a ton of questions about our believs conversation. Some of the other people noticed and joined so we were circled by about 10 people, all asking us questions and trying to proof us wrong. There was a guy from lithuania who is american, he talked to me trying so hard to break my testimony and threw out all these random things about our church and I answered the questions but I mostly testified of what I know is true. Not once did they testify or say that they know something to be true. I had the spirit with me. Oh and in the background the rest of the people were all gathered together while a couple of them were yelling stuff like "Repent, Repent, have faith in Jesus Christ and you will be saved". We just really had a good week. Oh we had stake conference which was really cool cause we got so see other Elders from our Zone and a ton of members and there were quite a few cute girls but that does not matter right now. Oh and one girl that looks exactly like icarly. We knocked on one door on sunday and it was an old man who let us in and he believs the restoration to be true and that the things we told him are true but he also feels like he has lived his way since he was 7 and does not want to change religion. But he is now an investigator. Well I am doing great and I am really relying on the lord. I love this work and the people. I love my mission and am learning a ton about everything. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth and that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the true church of God. Man my testimony is growing so much and it all makes so much sense when you listen to the spirit and ponder about it. I miss you all.
Elder Ellis

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