Monday, 14 March 2011

Hello to all....

Well first of all there has been a huge change for transfers.......NOT. I am staying here in Zwolle which is actually great, because there is a Member Family where one of there kids is getting baptized and I wanted to be there. Man we had a sweet time with our ward mission leader. We went finding together and it was pretty cool. The first guy we contacted was a member from Nigeria and he is visiting someone here in Zwolle. My bike has been broken so I got another bike from one of the Senior missionaries. Oh man we worked with one member of our ward pretty much all day. We went to an appointment at 2 and than got a tour of the History Geneology Archive from an investigator who works there. There were some really old books. They had a manuscript thats over 1000 years old, and all the news papers from WW2, and more. We even ate dinner with the same member. He is just so cool and helps us a ton. We had an awesome Zone Training in Apeldoorn and we actually forgot our phone so when we got to Apeldoorn we had no clue how to get to the church so we asked someone if we could use his phone. Man I think I eat noodles every day. Unfortunatly we had to drop one of our investigators cause he was not progressing and even said that he will not change. One of our investigators has had a concern that we finally figured out. He was stuck on the bible. We are now working on solving that. So we biked out to Hattem which is this really old sweet european city. It was a warm beautiful day and we talked to a lot of people at their doors and as we were walking these 14 year old kids (2 girls and 2 boys) were like making fun of us so I started talking to them in english and they had no clue as to what we were saying. Well we switched to Dutch and they asked us what we were doing and they took a picture with us and of my name tag. It was pretty funny. We talked to a lady who does not believe in God because she is mad at him. We talked to her in a very loving way and she even got emotional. It was a spiritual conversation. So at Church they asked me to give the opening prayer again, this was my second time. Crazy. Well everything is going great. I also found out about Japan and it really saddens my heart to see this. I hope that things will go better for them. Well I love you all and I love my Mission. I am having so much fun. Its hard but worth it. I hope you are all doing good.
Love Elder Ellis

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