Monday, 14 February 2011

Well hello again

This week has been great. Our numbers have been going up and we talked to a lot more people and have had more success. I unfortunataly don't have as much time  to write today. But it was funny this week there was a guy who we contacted and he started getting mad and yelling at us saying that if we believe in Jesus Christ we should go help the dying kids in like Africa instead of telling people about Jesus. He laughed at us and I wish I could have pushed him and just rebuked him but I smiled and just went to the next door. The next day we get another guy like the first but he told us that if we gave him the Book of Mormon that he would burn it and that we need to stop reading it. He had very weird and funny facial expressions and it was just hilarious cause he did not let us say a word and finally I said well sir that is your opinion but he just got more intense right in my face and I tried not to laugh. He said if you believe in Jesus to stop reading the Book of Mormon. He does not get it. As we walked away he stood by his door watching us and quietly saying stop reading. So we had to leave that neighborhood and we just burst out into laughter. We also had some good lessons with the spirit. Made some good appointments. The members are still so awesome and they support us and feed us and make us fat. haha I love it. Elder Kuttler and I get along pretty well and are having a lot of fun especially in our apartment. It was a good week and this one will be even better. I am so excited. Oh Happy Valentines to everybody.
Elder Ellis

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